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Item:Sentient Jewel of the Kobold

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DDO Examination Panel
    • On first slotting
      • I awaken...
    • On feeding
      • Mmm! Feed me more shinies!
    • On equiping
      • Kobold still hate you.
      • Your hands stink. Like tall person!
      • Don't squeeze so hard. Kobold not comfortable with this.
    • On unequiping
      • This is best part. Kobold nap time!
    • On opening a chest
      • Oooooh, what's that?
      • Kobold smell shinies!
      • Look... a thing-a-ma-thing!
      • Nice!... Kobold still hate you. (2 diff readings)
      • Nice move! Don't forget to use your tail!
      • Yip yip hurray!
      • Booyah!
      • You're amazing!... not really.
      • Yippie!
    • On gaining a filigree slot
      • Oooo ... Shiny!
    • On removing the Sentient Jewel:
      • No! The heart of my power! Don't...
    • On quest completion / turn-in:
      • You all done now? Then find Kobold more shinies!
    • On picking up a quest
      • Tell me we not killing Kobolds in a sewer again.
    • On being critically wounded / near death
      • If you die, how Kobold get back home? ... PANIC!
    • On resurection
      • Good. You were starting to smell!
    • Upon killing an enemy:
      • Kobold covered in somebody else's blood.
      • Not that one! It was kind of cute
      • Wheeeeeee!
    • When shrining:
      • You rest, master. Kobold will stand watch. <laughs> Ahahaha! Just kidding.
      • Time to close eyes and dream of big juicy rats and shinies.
    • Being hit by a trap:
      • Kobold almost liked you. Then this happened.
      • Kobold not happy with some of your life choices.
      • Kobold embarassed to be seen with you right now.
      • Really? Really?!
      • Kaboooooooom!
      • Yark!
      • Nooo!
    • Disabling Traps:
      • Oh well. Maybe trap get you next time.
    • When injured:
      • What's wrong? You acting funny, even for tall stupid person.
      • Don't just stand there. Jump out of the way, like Kobold!
    • When a party member dies:
      • Are you trying to kill your friends on purpose? Kobold can help!
    • Unknown:
      • What's that? Smells like ... Secrets!
    • When adding a filigree:
      • Yippie!
      • You're amazing! Not really.
      • Yip yip hurray!