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Created thousands of years before the present history of Eberron, the Kalashtar were created when the Quori escaped from the realm of Dal Quor and the evil Dreaming Dark, fusing their spirit with a group of Monks. The human/Quori fusion not only successfully escaped, but eventually learned that they could breed as this fusion.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +2 racial bonus on saving throws against mind-affecting spells and abilities, and possession.
  • +2 racial bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy and Intimidate checks.
  • Immunity to dream and nightmare spells as well as any effect that requires the target's ability to dream.
  • +1/level power point (psionic casting energy)
  • Mindlink (1/day) (casterlevel level/2, minimum 1)

Racial Feats[edit]

The following feats are available only to Kalashtar characters.

Dragonmark Feats[edit]

Kalashtar never possess Dragonmarks.

Additional Background[edit]


As a true hybrid of human hosts and Quori spirits, the kalashtar posses keen intellect but are not ruled by logic. They seek the perfection of their minds and spirits, often to the exclusion of any physical pursuits. They are generally warm and compassionate, but their ways and manners are alien to native races of Eberron. They are more interested in psionics than in the magic that pervades Khorvaire, and often lace their discourse with esoteric terms such as "matter," "kinetics," and "ectoplasm."

Physical Description[edit]

Kalashtar appear very similar to humans, but they have a grace and elegance that makes them seem almost too beautiful. They are slightly taller than the average human, and their faces have a slight angularity that sets them apart from the human norm, but these deviations only make them seem more attractive.


The Kalashtar homeland is a region of Sarlona called Adar, a land of forbidding mountains and hidden fortresses in the southeastern portion of the continent. Even in Adar their numbers are small, and the number of Kalashtar found in Khorvaire is much smaller still. However, they can be found in many of the largest human cities. The largest Kalashar population in Khorvaire is in the city of Sharn.


Kalashtar do not follow gods, but they have their own religion, called the Path of Light. The center of this belief system is a universal force of positive energy which the Kalashtar call Il-Yannah, or "the Great Light." Through meditation and communion with this force, the Kalashtar seek to strengthen their bodies and minds for the struggle against the forces of darkness that threaten all life on Eberron. Though Il-Yannah is not a deity, its few clerics draw power from the Path of Light. A greater number of devout followers of the Path are psions and psychic warriors.

Further Information & References[edit]

Kalashtar are one of the races of Eberron.