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Baudry Cartamon

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Baudry Cartamon.jpg

Name: Baudry Cartamon

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Bestows Quest(s): A Man Named Baudry Cartamon, Hiding in Plain Sight

Affiliation(s): The Free Agents

Location: The Harbor, southeast, on the dock facing the Stormreach Lighthouse, near the gate to The Cerulean Hills

Description: When you accept his quest, A Man Named Baudry Cartamon, he gives you a free Small Collectables Bag. You needn't complete, or even run his quest to keep the bag.

The Harbor[edit]

A Man Named Baudry Cartamon[edit]

Protect Baudry's Interests[edit]

When you approach him for the first time, he will say:

  • Baudry Cartamon: This city's life-blood is trade - and it flows through my warehouses into Stormreach's great marketplace.
  • Baudry Cartamon: But the city is also full of scoundrels and thieves, all seeking to steal their own piece of the wealth.
  • Baudry Cartamon: Hmph, I suppose that's why you're here too, <class>, looking for wealth... maybe some fame and glory too!
  • You: If you're looking to protect your wealth, I can be of help.
  • Baudry Cartamon: Looking for work, are you?
  • Baudry Cartamon: Hazadill's warehouses compete against my own. The lout is foul and unscrupulous, a pustule on the back of all Free Agents.
  • Baudry Cartamon: He sent a horde of Kobolds, scrabbling tooth and claw, to attack my warehouse! They must be after a cargo entrusted to me by the Coin Lords.
  • Baudry Cartamon: Thank the Host - my foreman got wind of this. Go see him - Tambor Smythe, just up the road by my warehouse. Help him fend off the Kobolds!
  • You: Very well, I'll go see Tambor Smythe and handle your problem. (Bestow chain)

Stop Hazadill's Shipment[edit]

After you complete the mission he gave you, he will sent you in another errant:

  • Baudry Cartamon: The Coin Lord cargo is safe? What a relief!
  • Baudry Cartamon: While you were dealing with Hazadill's kobolds, I made a few discreet inquiries about his shipping practices. Turns out Hazadill takes in contraband from Three-Barrel Cove!
  • Baudry Cartamon: That cargo is drenched in the blood of innocents... and it's going to make Hazadill rich! No, we mustn't let that happen.
  • Baudry Cartamon: I paid off Harmon Taft to let you into Hazadill's Warehouse. Go, make sure Hazadill can't make a single copper piece from that cargo!
  • You: All right, I'll go see Harmon Taft. (Advance chain)

Retrieve the Stolen Goods[edit]

After finishing the second mission, he will give your final order:

  • Baudry Cartamon: By the depths of Khyber!
  • Baudry Cartamon: I appreciate your good work. But while you and Harmon were raiding Hazadill, that cur was raiding me! He made off with the Coin Lords' cargo, the very one that you protected from Hazadill's kobolds!
  • Baudry Cartamon: There's no time to lose! Get back to Harmon Taft right away!
  • You: Hazadill won't get away with this. I'm on my way back to Harmon. (Advance chain)

After completing the final quest, he finally will pay you:

  • Baudry Cartamon: Thanks the Host, you got it back!
  • Baudry Cartamon: When I return Coin Lord Amanatu's property to him, and tell him that Hazadill stole it in the first place - why, I'll be sure to get all the Coin Lords' warehousing contracts!
  • Baudry Cartamon: You've been a great help to my business, <name>.
  • You: I'm glad to be of service.

Talking to him after completing the chain, will make he say:

  • Baudry Cartamon: Hazadill's scheme has backfired!
  • Baudry Cartamon: When I return Coin Lord Amanatu's property to him, and tell him that Hazadill stole it in the first place - why, I'll be sure to get all the Coin Lords' warehousing contracts!
  • Baudry Cartamon: You've been a great help to my business, <name>.

The Twilight Forge[edit]

After you take the quest from Inquisitive Ingaram, talking to Baudry will have an extra option:

  • Dungeon Master: Which quest you like to speak to Baudry Cartamon about?
    • You: A Man Named Baudry Cartamon (See above)
    • You: The Twilight Forge (See below)

Hiding in Plain Sight[edit]

  • Baudry Cartamon: Baudry Cartamon lowers his voice and leans towards you. Are you working with Ingaram the Inquisitive? did he tell you about my predicament? I have tried to keep my troubles secret, but if Ingaram does not act quickly, I will be ruined....
  • You: He says you're being forced out of the shipping business in Stormreach Harbor, and that Hazadill the Bugbear is to blame.
  • Baudry Cartamon: Hazadill! I thought I had him beat when I ruined his reputation with the Emerald Claw. They wanted something of mine, and Hazadill couldn't get it for them. Now, all of a sudden, Hazadill is throwing around gold like a drunken Coin Lord. He's paid every pirate in the Harbor to hound my ships, but that's not the worst of it. Treasure is vanishing from my warehouse, even when my guards are watching from every street-corner! There is only one reasonable explanation—that dirty bugbear has bought the honor of my friends! I can trust no one! Not even Tambor! Not even Harmon! Not even.... Cartamon glares in your direction.
  • You: Slow down. Are you sure that you have been betrayed? Could Hazadill have found a way to avoid your guards entirely?
  • Baudry Cartamon: Impossible! How could Hazadill slip into my warehouse unseen, when my employees watch sleeplessly for days on end? I know every inch of my property! And yet, Harmon and Tambor have never cheated me before. Indeed, I owe them my life. Maybe... just maybe....
  • You: Allow me to search your warehouse. Perhaps I will find evidence that absolves your friends of treachery.
  • Baudry Cartamon: Cartamon sighs heavily. I am sorry, but I still suspect that my dear associates have been bought by Hazadill. However, I would rather lose my fortune than wrongly accuse them of faithlessness. I give you permission to search my warehouse for clues. If you can prove that Tambor and Harmon are honest, I will be in your debt!
  • You: I may discover more than clues. Wait here—I hope to return with welcome tidings. (Advance quest)

Talking to him after advancing the quest, but before completion, will make he say:

  • Baudry Cartamon: Hurry and perform your search of my warehouse. In all confidence, my accounts are dripping with red ink. Soon, I will be forced to sell warehouse and business both. I assure you that the new owner—a certain bugbear of ill repute—will not reward you for your past dealings with me!

On completion of quest, he will give you a bit more info on the book you found:

  • Baudry Cartamon: Baudry looks haggard. Tambor asked for his monthly pay while you were gone. I had to tuen him away, for my purse has been emptied by Hazadill's schemes! The look on the fellows's face was miserable—he is always one step from the poorhouse—yet I still suspect him of betrayal. Must even Tambor's hand be turned against me? Please tell me that you found that bugbear's trail!
  • You: Tambor and Harmon could have seen nothing from the street. Hazadill built his smuggler's den beneath your own warehouse!
  • Baudry Cartamon: That is incredible news! I must summon the city guard immediately. We will burn the warehouse to the ground, if that's what it takes to flush out Hazadill! To think I suspected Tambor and Harmon of betraying my trust!
  • You: Actually, it gets better—Hazadill and his goons are dead. I also found this book of charts. Maybe it reveals where Hazadill found the gold to sabotage your business?
  • Baudry Cartamon: Cartamon takes the book of charts from you. Yes—yes, it's all here! Hazadill's notes are written in a cipher used by the merchants of Khorvaire. I know the code well. He was smuggling artifacts from the Restless Isles, aboard a ship named the 'Soaring Otyugh.' Looks like he sold these artifacts for ten times their value... and always to the same buyers.... Cartamon looks surprised, then worried.
  • You: What? Who bought the artifacts from Hazadill?
  • Baudry Cartamon: Sorry, friend, but this is an entirely new game of dice. Tell Ingaram that you solved my bugbear problem for good—he'll split his reward with you, which is more than fair. But I want nothing to do with the Aurum! If Hazadill found treasure in the Restless Isles, there may it remain! I wash my hands of the matter! (Advance quest)

After completing the quest and taking the reward, if you talk to him again, he will reply:

  • Baudry Cartamon: I'm not going after anything the Aurum wants. The Aurum's gold might have turned Hazadill into a crime boss, but how long did that last—and where is Hazadill now? Under the Harbor, not on top of it! My business is saved, and that's all I care about. Whatever rests in the Restless Isles can stay there forever.