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Dragonshards appear in three distinct forms each associated with and originating in a different part of Eberron. These crystal fragments can be shaped and used to power magic and change or enhance abilities and items within the game.

There are three types of Dragonshards that you can acquire in your travels, they are used for varying purposes and are detailed below.

Eberron Dragonshards[edit]

Eberron Dragonshards are collectibles that you can exchange with various NPC's for items. They can be stored in Collectibles Bags.

Khyber Dragonshard of Binding[edit]

Dragonshards of Binding get used for Alchemical Crafting at the Cannith Reforging Station. Khyber Dragonshard Fragments of Binding come in three ranks:

  • Khyber Dragonshard of Binding
  • Refined Khyber Dragonshard of Binding
  • Exquisite Khyber Dragonshard of Binding

200 Fragments can be combined into 1 Khyber Dragonshard of Binding of the same rank.

Khyber Dragonshards[edit]

Khyber Dragonshards get used in Crafting and serve as material component for the Trap the Soul spell. They can be stored in Ingredients Bags.

Purified Eberron Dragonshard Fragments[edit]

Purified Eberron Dragonshard Fragments get used in Cannith Crafting. They can be stored in Ingredients Bags.

Siberys Dragonshards[edit]

Siberys Dragonshards get used for Feat swapping with Fred in House Jorasco. Fragments can be stored in Ingredients Bags.