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Cannith Crafting Tutorial

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As of Update 32, there is a complete tutorial quest for Cannith Crafting. This page is intended to give you a simplified, step-by-step guide to complete this quest.

This quest can be acquired from one of three NPC's:

This quest can only be run once, and is the same regardless which NPC you speak to. End rewards are acquired from Maker only.

A note on the Crafting Hall(s)
  • There are two practically identical Crafting Halls - make sure you are in the Crafting Hall in House Kundarak, and not House Cannith. They are identical in layout and the facilities they offer, but only House Kundarak has the tutorial quest.
  • Both crafting halls have 2 wings, one north, one south. Facilities are duplicated in the north/south wings, so either wing works. However, the northern facility has a bank, and the southern has an auction house, so for purposes of this tutorial the northern wing might be slightly preferable (see Notes at bottom).
A note on terminology

When you go to the Item Deconstruction station, you will have 2 choices - to "dissolve" an item with the red


, which destroys the item but leaves you with essences, or to "disjunct" the item with the black

Dust of Disjunction

, which removes any/all effects and bonuses, but leaves you with a craftable blank (+0) weapon or other item. However, the button to confirm and activate either of these actions is labeled "Deconstruct". Make sure that you understand the difference, and that whenever you "deconstruct" an item, you have chosen the correct, desired action - dissolve or disjunct. These two have very different effects, and once deconstructed, these actions cannot be undone. If one of these actions is not available to select, either 1) you need to purchase more dissolvers/dusts of disjunction, or 2) that item is not available for that action. (Named items cannot be deconstructed in any way. Note that items that have already been disjuncted for crafting can still be blanked again or dissolved into nothingness - no essences are received for dissolving a disjuncted ("blank") item.)

Fabricator's Guild Tutorial walk-through[edit]

  1. You'll need 5 empty slots in your backpack, and ~100 platinum pieces to buy materials (less with any Haggle skill or decent Charisma).
  2. Travel to House Kundarak via the eastern/northeastern gate
    in The Marketplace.
    • If you enter House K another way (via Stormreach Teleporter or via Guild Airship) or are otherwise lost, the Crafting Hall is in the southwestern area of House K, at the extreme southern side of that area.
  3. Directly ahead is the entrance to the Crafting Hall
    , which you need to enter.
  4. Speak to Maker
    , who is standing just inside the entrance near the mailbox. If you do not yet have the quest, he will give it to you. You will return to him several times in this tutorial.
  5. Go to one of the Crafting wings (north or south), continue straight across to the alcove under the small "flask" symbol, and speak to the vendor there.
    • "Purchase deconstruction materials" - you'll need 1 Dust of Disjunction
      and 10 Dissolvers
      • Disolvers can only be purchased in multiples of x10.
      • If you turned left/north, you'll speak to Courtney d'Cannith. If you turn right/south, you would find the same crafting facilities, with Reginald Belspry as your materials vendor.
  6. Return to and speak with Maker.
  7. Return to the crafting wing and go to the first alcove on the left, the room with the "broken shield" icon above it, which marks an Item Deconstruction Crafting station.
    • Drag & drop the Quarterstaff into the "Your Ingredients" bar, select the red Dissolver
      option above, and hit "Deconstruct".
    • You will acquire 1-2 Cannith Essences.
      • Make sure any Cannith Essences are visible in your backpack and not in any bags
      • If you forgot to turn off "auto-collect", just move 1 or more essences into your backpack. Maker (see next step) will not recognize them until they are there.
  8. Return to and speak with Maker again.
    • Acquire 10 additional Cannith Essences.
  9. Return to the crafting wing and go to the second alcove on the left, the room with the diamond with a locked chain around it, which marks a Bound Shard Crafting station.
    • Click the device, a "Recipe Book" will open. Type "min" into the Search window. Select "Minimum Level 1 Item", the only green choice ("100%"). Hit "Craft" (lower right corner).
    • You should now have a pink "Minimum Level 1 Shard" in your inventory.
      • If you had your green bag on auto-collect, move the shard back into inventory. (However, it is now "safe" to turn auto-collect back on.)
  10. Return to and speak with Maker again.
  11. Return to the crafting wing and go again to the first alcove on the left, the room with the "broken shield" icon above it, which marks an Item Deconstruction Crafting station.
    • Drag & drop the mace* into the "Your Ingredients" bar, select the black Dust of Disjunction
      option above, and hit "Deconstruct".
    • Mouse-hover over that item; it should now read "Cannith Crafting - minimum level slot".
  12. Return to and speak with Maker for your final set of instructions. You will receive no new materials.
  13. Return north and go to the third alcove on the left, the room under the symbol of the shield with a locked chain around it, which marks a Bound Item Crafting station.
    • Click the device, and drag & drop your blank mace (or weapon*) into the "Your Ingredients" slot. Select "Apply Minimum Level 1 Item", and then "Craft".
    • The item's icon will change from a white background (usually indicating a "blank" item, ready for crafting) to a blue background (indicating a basic weapon).
    • You should now have a "+1 Heavy Mace".
  14. Speak with Maker to collect your end reward of 500 XP, and choose one of three items:


  • You should now have 20 Crafting XP, and a Crafting Level of 3. (This is visible on your character sheet, under the "Crafting" tab.)
  • Turn "Auto-collect" back on for your ingredients bags if you wish.
  • If this is not your main Crafter, drop the extra 9 remaining Dissolvers, the % boosters (if you chose that reward), and any spare essences into the Crafting tab of your Account Bank - everyone has access to these 12 slots, for sharing crafting materials only (including augments, ammo, and festival rewards). If you want to transfer the BTA +1 mace (for dissolving) or the Crafting XP booster potion (if you chose that), then you'll need to have an actual Shared Bank.
  • The gate back to The Marketplace is straight out the door to the Crafting Hall (in the extreme southwest of House Kundarak). Once there, the gate to The Harbor is on the south side of the Marketplace.

* Regarding the Mace: There is an option to substitute any weapon of your choice for the mace, but you have to provide that weapon, and it has to be from randomly generated loot (not a "named" item). Note that the first step, using the Dust of Disjunction, will remove any and all magic from the weapon! Nothing is saved except the physical, blanked weapon itself. The final product, a blank ML 1 weapon, still counts for the quest completion, and you may later go ahead and add a prefix- and suffix-effect* to that weapon if you choose, although most crafters prefer to apply their effect shards to higher Minimum Level weapons. If this is your first time, just go with the mace.

(* The lowest Crafting Level effects which can be added to a weapon start at Crafting Level 50, which can be created (with luck and/or % boosters) around Crafting Level 40-45 or so. That's not a long way off, but if you're just starting, for now, at Crafting Level 3(+) there is no effect which you can make to add to your new ML 1 weapon.
Also, ML 1 weapons only add +1d6 effect (plus suffix), while ML 4 weapons add +2d6 (+ suffix). And again, since you cannot add anything until your Crafting Level is close to 50 (when you can create an ML 5 shard for a weapon or item), most(!) crafters do not worry about finishing this ML 1 weapon at this time, nor keeping it in inventory until they can.)