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Spell critical

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Your spells can have a chance to deal double damage - this is called a spell critical. The damage number on the screen is shown with a larger font when spell critical is scored.

Each damage type has its own chance and the base chance for each type to do double damage is 0%. Magical Training, a feat automatically granted to Alchemists, Artificers, Clerics, Druids, Favored Souls, Sorcerers, Warlocks, and Wizards increases the chance by 5% for all damage types. Class enhancements, feats, Spell Lore items, Epic Destinies, and other effects can further increase your chances to score a critical hit but most of them are selective with the damage types.

Critical hits dealt by the spell are rolled each time a damage effect is applied rather than only when the spell is cast. For Fireball, spell critical is rolled and applied per enemy within the area of effect. For Magic Missile, spell critical is rolled and applied per tick of damage.

Spell criticals are applied only on straight spell damage to your enemy HP (or healing on your ally). Your Jump buff doesn't crit and give greater bonus to your skill. Your Energy Drain doesn't crit and give 6 negative levels instead of 4.

Increasing spell critical chance[edit]





Increasing spell critical damage[edit]

Spell criticals usually deal double damage, or +100% extra damage. Few abilities exist that can increase this extra damage.



  • Alchemist
  • Cleric
    • Divine Disciple enhancements Acceptance: +5% Spell Critical Damage with Fire, Cold, Acid, Electric, and Force Spells or Condemnation: +5% Spell Critical Damage with Light, Negative, and Alignment Spells
    • Radiant Servant enhancements Divine Aid: up to +9% Positive Spell Crit Damage
  • Druid
    • Nature's Warrior enhancements Casting Howl of Terror now grants you the effect Howl of the Hunter for 10 seconds which grants 15% to spell crit damage
  • Favored Soul
    • Angel of Vengeance - When you fall below 40% health, you gain a +50% Sacred bonus Spell Critical Damage Multiplier with Fire, Force, Light, and Physical damage spells for 20 seconds
  • Sorcerer
  • Wizard
    • Arcane Supremacy +100% Spell Critical Damage. 12 seconds duration. This effect may trigger only once every 90 seconds.
    • Wizard Eldritch Knight enhancements Knight's Transformation: When you successfully hit with an Eldritch Strike you gain Knight's Strike: +3% Critical Spell Damage for 30 seconds.
  • Warlock

Epic Destinies[edit]

  • Primal Avatar
    • Regrowth: Using a rest shrine now grants Nature's Resurgence which grants a +5% damage bonus to all spell criticals for the length of the quest



  • Coalesced Magic 1% spell critical damage and 3 pieces set give additional +4%
  • Reverberation 4 Pieces: +3% Sonic Spell Crit Damage
  • Soulweaver +2% Positive Spell Crit Damage and 5 Pieces: +5% Positive Spell Crit Damage
  • Angelic Wings 5 Pieces: +5% Light Spell Critical Damage
  • Dragonsoul 3 Pieces: +5% Spell Critical Damage and 5 Pieces: +5% Spell Critical Damage
  • Serpent 3 Pieces: +5% Poison Spell Critical Damage