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Type: Prefix
Base price modifier: varies
Effect: When Activated, this effect provides a +N Alchemical bonus to your Spell Power for one minute.

  • For example I have an Efficacy effect that gives +12 Spell Power. Now my spells do 12% more damage compared to the base damage.

Observed effect: (tested on a randomly generated greater efficacy clicky just before Update 21)

  • The duration is longer than advertised. It lasts 3 minutes per charge.
  • Resting does not end the effect.

Efficacy items <ncl headstart=4 >Category:Efficacy items</ncl> See also:

Continuous name Temporary name Affects
Combustion Inferno Fire Spells
Corrosion Erosion Acid Spells
Devotion Ardor Positive (Healing) Spells
Glaciation Freeze Cold Spells
Impulse Impact Force, Physical (Piercing, Slashing, Bludgeoning), and Untyped Spells
Magnetism Spark Electric Spells
Nullification Nihil Negative Energy Spells and Poison* spells
Potency Efficacy All Spells (tends to be a smaller value at similar levels)
Radiance Brilliance Light and Alignment (Chaotic, Evil, Good, Lawful) Spells
Reconstruction Mending Repair Spells
Resonance Cacophony Sonic Spells
*Poison damage is increased by Spellcraft rather than the Heal skill.