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User talk:LrdSlvrhnd

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ack! naw, naw, dont add * to quest reward lists for indent. it messes up unique quest rewards listing. i was breaking the main list into category entries using inclusions. so we can use those small lists wherever needed, and when we need to fix one of them we only have to edit it once. i knew that reward section of quest entries didnt look too great though. to fix that, we should revisit template:quest which is, um, something taht i dont wanna do right now as it affects many many pages... --yoko5000

Okies, I had no idea that it would mess other things up... I was just trying to make it look purtier on the quest pages! Sorry... Is there any way to indent the whole thing (like you did for one of my replies, which I then C&Ped every time lol, on that Noob Talk page a few days ago) in the questpage itself? I played around with a few things, but... yeah, that just made it worse. Thank Faranth for the Preview button! -LrdSlvrhnd 01:12, March 11, 2010 (EST)

you are designated![edit]

gd job on the spelling/grammer. i suck at it, please go thru my stuff :P--Aranticus 03:32, March 25, 2010 (EDT)

Nicked weaponry[edit]

For some reason the Acid designation is working now. Gratz on fixing it, however I can't seem to find anything that was done to the Acid link in the enhancements. How did you fix it? ~ Siltharin 23:41, 9 January 2011

Nvm, I just saw the redirect page you made. :) Still have tons to learn cause I really didn't know how to make that. ~ Siltharin 23:47, 9 January 2011

No worries, neither do I lol... I always end up finding another redirect page and copying it! (I actually do that with a lot of stuff...) It's easier to sign your stuff with four tildes ( ~ ) or by clicking the "signature" button, either of which then dates it and automatically links to your userpage. --LrdSlvrhnd 23:51, January 9, 2011 (EST)

Undoing edits[edit]

Perhaps you need to add why you decided to undo my updates since what I stated was correct. -- 14:05, February 8, 2011 (EST)

Because what you stated was already there ("or the door at the end"), and a note about there not being a way out at the start (since most - if not all other - quests have an entrance door or rope) is, IMHO, more notable than a note about there being an exit door at the end, which is fairly standard. -LrdSlvrhnd 17:24, February 8, 2011 (EST)


you are now sysop, should be able to delete pages when you need to. --yoko5000 22:58, February 20, 2011 (EST)

Skills Template[edit]

What I did with Template:Skills, was combine Template:Skill and Template:-Skill and added a little detail to explain what each skill does and how it reacts, exactly the same as I did with Template:Stat. I supposed I could take out the descriptions of each stat/skill, but that forces the user to have to click to find out more detail if they want it and takes them away from the page they wanted in the first place forcing them to use their back button to get back, which is what I was trying to avoid.. ShoeMaker 12:18, April 14, 2011 (EDT)

Character page Templates....[edit]

Awesome.. You are the first person other than myself to use those templates.. Makes me feel good and accomplished when I spend hours working on these things and they actually get used... It gets frustrating keeping all of the brackets, although Notepad++ is a great help figuring out if all of my brackets are where they belong, and true/false statements straight (iirc #if: is |true|false and #ifeq: is |false|true or something like that)... Please feel free to leave me any comments, ideas, or suggestions on ways to improve my templates.. :) ShoeMaker 00:58, April 22, 2011 (EDT)

Augment Crystals[edit]

I've re-vamped Template:Augment on a sandbox so that it lists your choices when you mouse-over it. Some of the lists are kind of long, and I would like some input on if you guys think this revised template should be implemented. Here are the examples:

I am posting this on the talk pages of: Xevo, Yoko5000, Neouni, Borror0, UltraMonk, Backley, Shade, Raute borge, Yawgmoth, and LrdSlvrhnd Where-as I am posting this on multiple talk pages to get more opinion, I have included "Reply here" link as well ShoeMaker 18:53, May 29, 2011 (EDT)

Khortos items in Phiarlan Carnival[edit]

I noticed you added the notes that Archivist's Necklace and other Khortos necklaces come as end rewards in Phiarlan Carnival. This is relevant to my interests, so I need to ask if you're sure. Because I ran that chain about 15 times trying to get that necklace, also asked the ~30 people that were in my parties if they got any necklaces, and the only necklace I ever seen or heard about there was Anger's Gift, which appeared roughly half the time. - .

All drop there, if you have Class Based End Rewards on you might not see them - Yawgmoth 18:39, July 12, 2011 (EDT)

About half the runs were with class based end rewards on, on wizard and bard, the other half with the class based off. What is your assertion that "all drop there" based on? Have you actually seen the other necklaces there?

I can verify that I've seen the others drop there... ShoeMaker 22:37, July 17, 2011 (EDT)
I also saw them drop there. Furian 11:58, July 18, 2011 (EDT)

Ghostly Skeleton DR[edit]

I remember Shade's argumentation somewhere that the interaction of DR and dungeon scaling (described in this article Damage Reduction at the very bottom) is what causes us not to perceive the full DR that ghostlies have. I don't have an opinion because I don't own the pack. --Cru121 06:04, January 18, 2012 (EST)

Yea before doing contraversial edits (id say ones that include the word "hell" in the summary count), you may wish to examine the pages history, I've already reverted the same edit you just changed and included the reason. I suggest you read the article and revert our edit yourself. I have personally verified the DR with my character who does over 100 damage a swing. --Shade 07:51, January 18, 2012 (EST)
DR 100/Good is misleading because Ghostly Skeletons' DR is funky, it blocks a percentage of your base damage rather that a fixed amount of damage. It blocks ~50% of your base damage on normal, ~75% on hard and ??? on elite. Maybe 99% on elite? I don't do 100 dmg/hit vs. undead so I can't check, they block all my base damage on elite. by Mjoll 15:28, January 19, 2012 (EST)

LOL You may appreciate this[edit]

Grammar.jpg -- ShoeMaker (Contributions Message) 00:58, May 1, 2012 (EDT)

Come visit us in IRC chat![edit]

Hey! Come visit us in DDOwiki's IRC chat channel! ShoeMaker (Contributions Message) 18:50, May 3, 2012 (EDT)

Re: Techs talk page[edit]

Tech is occupied with personal matters, so it wont be anytime soon. (Last I spoke to him was 4 days ago Yawgmoth ( IRCMessage )  05:32, September 9, 2012 (EDT)
Tongue I'm back, mostly...
ShoeMaker (Contributions  Message) 13:11, January 4, 2013 (EST)

TP Prize from Cordovan[edit]

You was indicated on the SC update thread as a major contributor, and you will receive one of the four TP codes Codovan sent me for our work on the wiki. Send me an PM on the official forums so I can repass to you your reward. My forum alias is Nibel. If you don't want to use the forums, you can also send and e-mail to XXX and I'll send the code there. → Nibelung (ContributionsMessage) 00:01, September 9, 2013 (EDT)

  • blink* Wow, cool... thanks, and I shall!
LrdSlvrhnd (Contributions⇑ top ⇑) 01:20, September 9, 2013 (EDT)

Ioun Stones[edit]

I've been doing a consistency pass over named clothing and named jewelry.

Since both Template:Named Clothing and Template:Named Jewelry specify the only valid values for the slot field, and Template:Named Clothing specifies the only valid values for the type field, I'm assuming the intention was for Template:Named Jewelry to specify its valid values for the type field too.

So I edited a few item pages to make them all conform to those specifications.

Now I'm having doubts about Ioun Stones. You and Shade explicitly edited most of them to have type "Ioun Stone" instead of type "Trinket". As far as I can see, those are the only named jewelry items that don't conform.

Do you mind if I edit them back to type "Trinket" for the sake of consistency (and nice-looking table compiling)? Is there any technical background reason I may have missed to have them listed as type "Ioun Stone" (apart from the fact that they are)?


Aldyron (ContributionsMessage) 10:32, October 11, 2013 (EDT)

Ah, I've found a way to include dpl queries in a Post template. So that it's not scattered around two large sub-tables, here's what I'm talking about: (edit: done, so hopefully whoever reads the table won't find anything out of place any more -- Aldyron (ContributionsMessage) 08:53, October 12, 2013 (EDT))

Content page Type Slot
Incandescent Blue Ioun Stone
Dark Blue Ioun Stone
Deep Red Ioun Stone
Dusty Rose Ioun Stone
Pale Blue Ioun Stone
Pale Lavender Ioun Stone
Pink Ioun Stone
Scarlet and Blue Ioun Stone
Vibrant Purple Ioun Stone
Pink and Green Ioun Stone
Pale Lavender Ioun Stone (unsuppressed)
Vibrant Purple Ioun Stone (unsuppressed)
Pink and Green Ioun Stone (unsuppressed)
Incandescent Blue Ioun Stone (unsuppressed)
Deep Red Ioun Stone (unsuppressed)
Dark Blue Ioun Stone (unsuppressed)
Dusty Rose Ioun Stone (unsuppressed)
Pale Blue Ioun Stone (unsuppressed)
Pink Ioun Stone (unsuppressed)
Scarlet and Blue Ioun Stone (unsuppressed)
Pale Green Ioun Stone
Aldyron (ContributionsMessage) 10:39, October 11, 2013 (EDT)
Changing 'em is fine by me! I'm pretty sure my edits consisted largely of copy/pasting without actually looking at the type (mainly the extra spaces to line up the = so that the fields are all lined up instead of bouncing back and forth between "Type=" and "Durability="). In fact, I'm glad you caught that because yeah, they *should* be Trinket. Ah, the perils of C&P...
LrdSlvrhnd (Contributions⇑ top ⇑) 11:59, October 11, 2013 (EDT)
Done. Aldyron (ContributionsMessage) 08:53, October 12, 2013 (EDT)

You've been nominated for clown of the year![edit]

No idea why you didn't have this long ago... Please accept your nomination if you are interested in the extra tools. ShoeMaker (Contributions Message) 18:53, January 12, 2014 (EST)

Completionist Credit[edit]

Remember when you wrote up that bit about how class ties are resolved when counting toward Completionist? Would you still stand by what you wrote? I want to build a 10/10 Barbarian/Rogue and have it count for Barbarian, which it would if your description is correct. Hoopy Froodle (ContribsMessage) 23:40, October 17, 2016 (EDT)

Devotion handwrap location?[edit]

If you could, please look in on the talk page for I:Devotion (Handwraps) item? I looked at the edit history and noticed you were the one to change the drop location after the update. Could you please provide more info there? TheWarforgedArtificer (ContribsMessage) 16:06, November 5, 2020 (EST)