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Item:Pale Lavender Ioun Stone (unsuppressed)

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Icon ItemSlot Trinket.png

Pale Lavender Ioun Stone

Minimum level 5 Gem Generic Purple.png
Item Type Jewelry / Trinket
Slot Trinket
Race Absolutely Required None
Binding Bound to Character on Acquire, ExclusiveIcon tooltip.pngBound to Character on Acquire: This item is Bound to Character on Acquire
This is an Exclusive item. You may only carry one at a time.
Durability 30
Material GemIcon tooltip.pngGem: Items made of gem are generally extremely durable and have a very high hardness. Most commonly used to make trinkets and docents.
Hardness 22
Base Value 0000420000420ppIcon tooltip.pngPlatinum Piece 
Weight 0.10 lbs
Location Dreamforge, Suppressed Power Crafting
Pale Lavender Ioun Stone (unsuppressed).jpg

Not upgradeable

Description A pale lavender gem about 1 inch in diameter. The Stone has been upgraded and will no longer burn out and become useless when all the charges are expended. One charge is expended per spell level absorbed.
  • Unlike most trinkets, Ioun Stones have an actual visual effect on your character - a soft glow matching its color will slowly rotate around you.
  • Differing from other sources, the spell absorption charges are drained in accordance with the level of the spell being cast. For example, if a level four spell is cast on to a character with this equipped, four charges will be removed. Also, this effect is multiplied by how many debuffs are caused by the spell being cast, such as three debuffs caused by a level four spell will cause twelve charges to be removed.