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9,196 edits and counting!
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How do you kill someone with absolutely no life!?

Aldyron has 5,000 edits - keep up the good work!

About the editor[edit]

After using and loving this wiki for quite some time, I started spotting something missing here and there, little details, usually secondary, that I'm now contributing. This wiki, like most, is written by users for users: I'm gratified and thankful that someone took the time to help me without even knowing I exist, so now I'm trying to return the favor.

I acknowledge my guild mates' help in researching part of what I contribute to this wiki. Without their presence and protection (and patience) I wouldn't be able to find out everything I need. My thanks to Puro Caos.

About the player[edit]

Playing from Rome, Italy, Europe.

I'm a severely slow achiever. I've been playing for years, and my top-level character is just level 25. I just play for fun, the Korean pros would probably eat me for breakfast.

Do you know what a "rusher" is? Good, I'm the complete opposite, I define myself a "wallgazer". That is, I enjoy taking the time to look around me and take in everything I see, from the big picture to the little details and vice versa, sometimes stopping to gaze at the walls and examine the green plants hanging by the (dead) skeletons nailed to said walls. I prefer to go outside and appreciate architecture and wilderness, though. Someone was handsomely paid to design those placements and draw those textures, it is only fair I watch them at least once per quest. :-) On the other hand, during the hundredth same quest run, I'm as likely to rush as anyone else.

About the characters, all on Ghallanda[edit]

  • Alaniel Jilmareth, retired. He demonstrated that an almost-naked solo low-level rogue-cleric elf with no property (not even material spell components) could successfully negotiate Kobold Island.
  • Aldyron Avrasco, active. Yes, I *like* multiclassing. So? Family unrelated to the Jorascos. Former guild leader of Aldy's Angels, later joined sister guild Puro Caos (Italian, not Portuguese, not Brazilian, Italian) with all his guild members.
  • Eaux d'Etoilette, active. The name's a pun on words: eau de toilette (which... literally... is what you find in the waterworks, if you stop to think about it...), etoile (which is what he aspires to be), a reference to some other bard with a name ending with X. I know the d' would require being houseborn, in a house that doesn't exist as yet, sorry about that.
  • Firfilter Ashstake, waiting in line. The name's a pun on words: "FIR filter" as in "Finite Impulse Response filter" because he's more arcaneware than wetware, "fir" as in "Abies alba" and "ash" as in "Fraxinus excelsior" because he's a druid, "ashstake" as in the device commonly associated with vampire pacification.
  • Fissione Impossibile, active. A Warforged exclusively dedicated to healing, every other consideration is secondary... someone made me notice that's the definition of "healbot". Oh, the two monk levels? For Evasion, mostly, and for Wisdom and Dexterity stances, and to check how high armor class can go without a shield by exploiting the Wisdom bonus. And yes, the name's a pun on words, that I think explaining would be an insult to your Int bonus; just note that to translate that title into Italian, you add an "e" after each word. Currently also employed as a model for docents on composite plating.
  • Frizione Impossibile, waiting in line. Currently only employed as a model for docents on adamantine body.
  • Fusione Impossibile, waiting in line. Currently only employed as a model for docents on mithral body.
  • Illitteratus ir'Ritatus, active. A name that was probably written in the Draconic Prophecy under the heading "Handle with care (he can't read this anyway)". Oh, and a Latin pun on words referencing Eberron's noble surnames; that implies he's nobleborn, ugh.
  • Kissaki Aotsuki, waiting in line. Just in case I find some reason to play a bladeforged. The first name, loosely translated from Japanese, means "blade's point" (but it has several nuances, just like a bladeforged passing through flesh in several ways with its several blades), the last name refers to the Blue Moon orbiting around Daisun.
  • Lee'Zania Malarkin, active. I'm sorry to say, half paladin half sorcerer turned out to be less than ideal. But I find her too fun to play to retire her.
  • Manesca Viva, active. The name's a pun on words: "manesca" means "prone to using her hands for violence", "viva" means "(feminine) alive", "esca viva" means "live bait". Conceived when I still had unclear ideas about a tank's role: she turned out a fine glass cannon.
  • Otempora Omores, temporary. She's a disposable and recyclable wizard/fighter/monk/barbarian/whateverian. Fifth incarnation (not reincarnation), for now. I use her as a backdrop for shooting pictures of various items. And yes, the name's a (nice sounding, actually) pun on words, referencing Marcus Tullius Cicero's oration against Lucius Sergius Catilina; he also used it elsewhere, but I was about to name my character Catilina O'Mores, so...
  • Sanguenero della Terra, waiting in line. The name's a reference (direct translation, almost) to "black blood of the earth". He's obviously black-skinned.
  • Sesquipedale Arzigogolato, waiting in line. The name's *not* a pun on words, just difficult to pronounce. Blame Jack O'Neill and Douglas Adams for that idea.
  • Stonewing d'Goldorak, active. The first name expresses my doubts about the agility and grace attainable by a dwarf, the last name is a cross-reference between Eberron's Soldorak dwarven clan and Japanese manga and anime robot Goldorak (the French name of Grendizer/Gurendaiza), that packs quite a punch. Yes, d', houseborn, sorry.

Charles Stross[edit]

I believe this deserves its own page: User:Aldyron/Charles Stross.

Notes to self[edit]

If you're not me, and you're reading this, you're not doing yourself a favor. :-)

To-do list[edit]


Reshoot these (camera, not repeating crossbow) with the floaty name shown (try to make'em smile for the camera):


Item:Pirate's Grog

Item:Pirate's Port

Item:Touring Tonic

Template:Poisondescription (adapt from Template:Diseasedescription, see also next section)

Template:Background note with / without gameplay effect


Check Cavalry Plate armor bonus

Check and update Vaults of the Artificers loot levels (3, 7 instead of 4, 8). Be wary of bugged descriptions (4-to-8 upgrades to 7). Be wary of different special abilities (see Repair Lore II gives 12%, used to give 2%).

Item:Templar's Docent

Check / update Fatigued

Experiment: use dpl to link a special ability (e.g.: Vampirism) back to all weapons sporting that special ability (e.g.: to Item:Reward and all others); maybe include per-weapon notes (e.g.: "Only while on undead form" for Item:Souleater) in the special ability template; generalize technique for other templates and other destinations.

De-duplicate Karn Cold-Trail

Fire Resistance, Resistance to Fire, Fire Resistant, Resistant to Fire, Elemental Resistance, Acid, Cold, Electricity, Fire, Sonic (per the in-game Character Sheet): object properties, monster properties, character properties, spells, effects, disambiguations, search & correct in objects, monsters and characters.

Immunity, too.

Vulnerability, too.

Abrasive Breath: Piercing (Reflex save for half) + Disorientation (Fortitude save negates)

Madstone Shield: check mdb (altered by enhancements?)

Thunder-Forged Alloy Orb: check dmgtype (c'n'p?)

Epic Coronation Shield: check dmg (obsolete format)

Epic Shield of the Scorpion: check dmg (obsolete format)

Check cloth armors' armor bonus

Template:Diseasedescription: add type (Natural / Magical / Supernatural)

The Jorns

Check Lieutenant Ayurro: not rare? Only need 1 run without him to declare him rare. Consecutive runs with him since start of check: 7. Checked: confirmed rare.

Sub-race: Entombed Zombie, including Jezzerae

Wilderness Adventure Area, Public Area, Tavern Brawling Area, Quest... anything else?..


Template:Infobox-monster: add field "|MM type bug = None <!-- Options: Missing / Wrong / None. Missing: it should be listed in the in-game MM, but is not. Wrong: it's listed in-game as part of the wrong kind. None: no bug, the MM type is correct (default). -->" (see Kobold Petty Officer, Slave (Troll), Corrupted Fire Elemental) I've made changes to the |MM type= field itself. Check with me on that. :) ShoeMaker (Contribs • Message) 13:16, July 29, 2016 (EDT) -- Okay, updated the documentation -- diff 312809 ShoeMaker (Contribs • Message) 13:42, July 29, 2016 (EDT)

Check Marut sub-race: do they all belong to the Golem race instead of the Inevitable race? Because the Inevitable does. Update: come to think of it, Tempest's Spine sports some pretty non-standard monsters... better triple-check the Inevitable in the Desecrated Temple of Vol, too.

Check rarity of Pack Leader: Repossession says it's not rare.


Useful / to remember[edit]


I used to make lots of mistakes; so, in order to catch my own mistakes, I've trained myself to become a bit of a consistency nazi.

The following sortable tables should make it easier to identify pages (if any) in need of some tidying-up for consistent properties, both individually and as part of a database.


User:Aldyron/Tutorial/DPL parameters


Load interception and comparison[edit]
  • Firefox: menu Tools / Web Developer / Network
  • disable dplcache in page source
  • edit constraints in page source
  • copy & paste
  • click on show preview in page
  • click on row in Firefox's tool box
  • click on Response (on the right)
  • copy & paste
  • extract "served in" and "newpp" comment blocks
  • repeat edit to extract as needed
  • do not save page (unless you need to)
  • if needed, massage results for readability
  • compare

... or something like that. Wireshark seems a tad overkill for this use case. :->


|category  = Waist items
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