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(April's reward of a free expansion or Greater Elixir of Discovery can still be claimed from Trilliya until June 4th.) edit

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User talk:Raute borge

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Thanks for fixing the page I couldn't get that typo to go away. I appreciate that you were able to clean it up.

When it still lists Gold as currency, the description pic is outdated for sure ;) Neouni 16:46, May 23, 2011 (EDT)

Augment Crystals[edit]

I've re-vamped Template:Augment on a sandbox so that it lists your choices when you mouse-over it. Some of the lists are kind of long, and I would like some input on if you guys think this revised template should be implemented. Here are the examples:

I am posting this on the talk pages of: Xevo, Yoko5000, Neouni, Borror0, UltraMonk, Backley, Shade, Raute borge, Yawgmoth, and LrdSlvrhnd Where-as I am posting this on multiple talk pages to get more opinion, I have included "Reply here" link as well→ ShoeMaker 18:53, May 29, 2011 (EDT)

Welcome Back![edit]

After your nine month hiatus, I figured I would be the first to say, welcome back!

Please check out some of our new and revamped policies:

Your page with the .jpg files for Ring of Spell Storing[edit]

Hi, I wanted to apologize for adding so many versions to your image page. I am still very new at editing and uploading and I got a little confused did it too many times. My reason for trying to do it in the first place is that I acquired a Ring of Spell Storing today for the first time and noticed that what I picked up is different from what was currently on the wiki. after much frustration and some slow thought processing, I saved a new copy as a .png file and used that to edit the page for the Ring. I am really sorry about cluttering up your images page with my newbishness.

Sincerely, --EmteeHead (ContributionsMessage) 00:14, August 3, 2013 (EDT)