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1,158 edits and counting!
Monster Vampire.jpg
You are now buried two feet under. THE DARK SIDE IS CALLING YOU!!!

Yawgmoth has 1,000 or more edits - can you make 2,500?

+25 spammers ^.^ Quote of the day: I saw Jesus today. Unfortunately, Kobolds were already eating the cake he appeared on.

About Me[edit]

About Yawgmoth: if you see this name on DDO, its likely not me, I just happened to be reading a MTG: Artifacts Cycle book at the time Generaly I keep the same few names, as to avoid confusion between servers/games. I will never, and I repeat NEVER make a Twitbook... (Facebook/Twitter... I wonder if that domain names open...)
Starting a new job as of 4-16-12. From 4am - 5pm as a Bakers Assistant (crap hours, but the pays good, and I get to take home leftovers), so job will cut into my game/TiVo time.
Saw Trans-Siberian Orchestra live on 3-24, amazing show, painful chairs...

Char List (As of 3-28-12)[edit]

Main Server: Ghallanda

  • Triellan, Current Life - 12/2 Dwarf Ranger/Fighter Past Life - 18/2 Human Paladin/Monk
  • Zweiheart: 18/2 Human Wiz/Rog
  • Mapquest: Lvl 8 Human Barbarian

Currently just a bank/favor whore

Games I Play[edit]

DDO - Well, DUUHHHH....

Eve Online - Only renewed/restarted my 3 year dead subscription to get into the following

Dust 514 Beta- My slav... er pet Kobold might question the wisdom of paying a monthly fee, to get into a closed beta of a F2P game, but I say.... ITS MY MONEY AND I'LL DO WHAT I WANT! DON'T MAKE ME SEND YOU BACK TO THE WATERWORKS! .

Shinies for that? Kobold think poor use of shinies.. Give shinies to me instead, that make kobold happy. Big Grin -- Kobold worker (ContributionsMessage) 20:34, April 13, 2012 (EDT)