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Help:Map Legend

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Maps: Legend[edit]

When creating new maps or editing existing ones please use the following legend/key on your maps (preferably on the left hand side of the image) at all times to allow for consistency across the community. If there is a method which may improve the existing ways in which we use this legend/key then please feel free to open a new discussion on its talk page.

This legend is referred to on the Map Guide page as the source of icons to use when creating and editing maps.

Map Legend
M Map legend blue1.png Secret door. M Map legend shrine.png Static shrine (blue) and random shrine (gray).
M Map legend white1.png Collectable. M Map legend green1.png Trap.

Not included: Traps that show up only on epic difficulty.

M Map legend white2.png Friendly NPC. Never becomes hostile. M Map legend green2.png 1. Raises an alarm.

2. Activates or disables a trap (does not require the Disable Device skill).

M Map legend white3.png Hostile NPC. Always becomes hostile or has a chance to become hostile based on the dialogue options you choose. M Map legend green3.png Control panel (requires the Disable Device skill).
M Map legend red1.png Lever/valve that opens a nearby door. M Map legend purple1.png 1. Quest entrance.

2. Portal destination for one-way portals.

M Map legend red2.png 1. Lever/valve that opens a not so nearby door.

2. Two or more of these levers/valves open a door, nearby or not.

M Map legend purple2.png 1. Entrance to another quest.

2. Cave or dungeon entrance.
3. Portal or portal destination for two-way portals.

M Map legend red3.png 1. Locked device.

2. Locked door (requires the Open Lock skill or the Knock spell).
Not included: Locked doors that can be bashed.

M Map legend purple3.png 1. Blocks access to an area you had access to in a previous quest.

2. Blocks access to an area you will have access to in a later quest.

M Map legend yellow1.png Quest item (to be picked up, protected, destroyed), puzzle wheel, pressure plate, etc. M Map legend chest1.png Static chest. Includes chests that contain only loot or both loot and quest items.

Not included: Chests that contain only quest items.

M Map legend yellow2.png Object unlocked/activated/deactivated by interacting with or using on it one or more objects marked with a yellow symbol. M Map legend chest2.png Locked chest (requires the Open Lock skill or the Knock spell). Most often these chests are static.
M Map legend yellow3.png Rune. It might require a stat check (INT, WIS, etc.) M Map legend chest3.png Random chest. Can be a chest that:

1. Always spawns but it can spawn in more than one spot.
2. Randomly spawns but when it does it always spawns in the same spot.
3. Randomly spawns but when it does it can spawn in more than one spot.

M Map legend - random.png Randomly placed lever, quest item, Collectable, NPC, etc. M Map legend - trapped.png Trapped lever, puzzle wheel, quest item, etc. These traps go off only when you interact with the trapped object.
M Map legend drop down point.png Drop down point, hole or shaft. M Map legend collapsible floor.png Collapsible floor.


  • Occasionally the portals, holes, drop down points or collapsible floors are points of no return unless you reenter the quest or use Dimension Door.
  • For quests where certain items or NPCs have too many random spawn locations their map markers will be placed near the quest entrance, outside the actual map. (Example:

the gems from The Smuggler's Warehouse)