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Morgrave University - Upper Commons

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Morgrave University - Upper Commons is a zone in the city of Sharn. It was introduced in Update 61 with the Vecna Unleashed expansion.

Accessing this area[edit]


This Morgrave University district actually consists of three areas:

  • Lareth Hall - top floor, south-eastern part
  • Nymph's Court - bottom floor
  • Upper Commons - top floor, north-west part (green)

Points of interest[edit]

  • Cannith Repurposing Station + manual
  • Moving platform that connects the trading area with Vecna Unleashed Part Two area
  • Three airships to Sharn and to various areas within the zone.=
  • Exits:

Map Morgrave University Upper Commons.png


Part One

Quest Bestower Enter
Grand Theft Aureon Malfresia Galarya The Tower of Aureon
Turn the Page Creighton Ebinor Rare Books Room and Environs
Vecna Unleashed Zarnoth the Vigilant Morgrave University Library

Part Two

Quest Bestower Enter
Enemy of my Enemy Elise Dunber Lower City Back Alleys
Law and Order Jer'Can Plains of Shavarath
Taken in Hand Burnorh Galmok Secret Hidden Hand Base
The Bark and the Blade Kion Mournlands Training Camp
The Evil We Know High Priestess Valeria Basilica of the Dark Six
Vecna Denied Vigilance The Traveler's Astral Fortress


Quest Bestower Enter
Paper Trail Halman Best On the Trail of the Manuscript
Party 101 Holtz Hall of the Arcane Arts
The Devils to Pay Calliope Feldren Perpetual Bond Student Loan Office
What Dreams May Come Erryn Riston Morgrave University Dormitories


  • Carrikal - hireling vendor
  • Dromar Jath - auctioneer
  • Gel Hanthus - bartender
  • Jokul d'Kundarak - banker
  • Lyna Brookvale - general vendor
  • Saphelsa Stamiss - bestows chain Vecna Unleashed Part One
  • Steps Obliss - reliquary keeper - sells Shining Reliquary weaponry
  • The Traveler - bestows chain Vecna Unleashed Part Two
  • Winma Sedge - spirit binder
  • Orien Lightning Post
  • bunch of trainers
  • university students and teachers/researchers for flavor