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Inns, aka Taverns, are public areas that are (usually) separate from the general city enclaves, often in a separate building. Inns offer a variety of services and benefits.

Healing and regeneration[edit]

At inns you regenerate both your hit points and spell points over time. The base rate is the same slow rate as in the rest of the city (2 HP + 5 SP per 6 seconds, or 4 HP + 10 SP if you have the Blessing of the Silver Flame permanent favor reward effect), but you also have the option of buying food (for hp) and drink (for sp) from the Bartender (see Rations). Food and drink can greatly increase your recovery rate for a minute or more (depending on the item consumed), or until you leave the inn.

(To consume an item, first, you must have room in your pack to buy it. Then simply open your inventory, click on the item, and wait the (very) short time to use it - done.)

Inns also recharge all your "# charges per day" items and abilities as if you had rested. This happens once per full minute for as long as you remain inside the inn.

Changing spells[edit]

Inns allow Alchemists, Artificers, Clerics, Paladins, Rangers and Wizards to change which spells they have prepared. There is no charge for this, and they may choose from any available to them (which, in case of Alchemists, Artificers and Wizards, is limited to the spells that they have collected in their spell book).


Each inn has a Spirit Binder you can talk to set that inn as your bind point, free of charge. You will respawn at that inn upon dying and releasing your spirit until you change your bind point again. The command "/resloc" will show where your current bind point is.

Selling and repair[edit]

Bartenders will give you cash for any unwanted items that have value, including gems. They will not pay as much as pawn brokers, but are less picky and often more convenient.

Bartenders also will repair your worn or broken items, although with a very low chance of permanent damage to those items.

Player vs. player[edit]

Several inns have an area set aside where players can fight players, for fun, to test their builds, or for whatever reasons. "Dying" in these areas does not have any negative effects (except perhaps to your pride).

See PvP for more info.


There are many quests at inns, so they're a good place to look for them, especially since quest-giving NPCs inside inns are not indicated on the outside map.

Names and locations[edit]

See also the table at Places