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A clicky is a magic item that, when activated, casts a spell or effect. The item must be equipped in order to activate it.

All clickies have a limited number of "charges", which limit how often they can be used. Most (e.g. Anger's Step) list a "recharged/day: #", where the # is how much "resting" will recharge that item. All items are recharged by that # upon successful completion of a quest, but a rest at a shrine, spending one minute in a tavern, and logging out for sufficient time (several hours?) will also do the job. A few (e.g. Xachosian Eardweller) recharge less than their maximum value/rest, and some others (e.g. Necklace of Fireballs) do not recharge at all and cannot be recharged - once those are used up, the item becomes worthless.

Randomly generated clickies no longer drop (see below for exceptions). They usually come with a number of charges/rest equal to either 1, 3, or 5, and cast a spell at the minimum caster level required to obtain it. The minimum level to use randomly generated clickies is equal to spell level if the item has 3 charges. It is 2 levels lower for single charge clickies, and 2 levels higher for 5 charge clickies. Clickies can be any armor or helmet but are most common on rings, belts and other accessories. Not all spells can be found on clickies.

Named items can come with a different number of charges, different caster level, and different minimum level.

Increasing clicky caster level[edit]

  • Artificers gain a class feature which allows them to use clickies at a higher caster level.
  • Arcanotechnician capstone increases the caster level to 20.
  • Clickies on a quarterstaff use character's caster level for casting the spell, if it's higher than item's caster level (tests from 2011).

List of clickies from random generation[edit]

(* This effect modifies the item's Minimum Level by +2 and appears on weapons.)

A sampling of popular named clickies[edit]

Full list: Clicky items

Sources of clickies[edit]

Randomly generated clickies used to drop in any chest; however, after Update 19 (?), this is no longer the case. As of March 2014, clickies can be found:

Crafted clickies[edit]