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Yugoloth Favor Potions

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Upon reaching the Unfriendly (75) Yugoloth Favor, you can view and purchase Essence Potions by visiting an NPC called Azdaf the Wary (Yugoloth Alchemist) in Amrath. These potions stack, up to 100 for each of 6 different types.

Item Bonuses Penalty
Essence of Betrayal +2 stacking Dexterity
+6 Sneak Attack to hit (+4 after penalty)
-2 Attack bonus
Essence of Cunning +2 stacking Intelligence
slow SP regeneration
-50% Fortification
Essence of Desire +2 stacking Constitution
+20 stacking HP (total +50 with con bracket at level 30)
-5% Melee attack speed bonus
Essence of Despair +2 stacking Wisdom
+4 Natural armor (Non-Stacking)
-4 Reflex save
Essence of Fury +2 stacking Strength
+8 Will save against Fear (+4 after penalty)
-4 Will save
Essence of Seduction +2 stacking Charisma
+8 Fortitude save against Poison (+4 after penalty)
-4 Fortitude save

Essence of Betrayal[edit]

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Essence of Cunning[edit]

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Essence of Desire[edit]

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Essence of Despair[edit]

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Essence of Fury[edit]

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Essence of Seduction[edit]

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