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Touch of Despair

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Finishing move enemy cursing effect




One enemy


  • You strike your opponent down with a terrible curse, halving all positive energy healing done to the target, reducing its fortification and increasing its negative energy vulnerability by 25%.
  • A successful Fortitude save negates this effect (DC 10 + Monk level + Wisdom modifier). Note: Seems to benefit from stunning bonuses.
  • The target receives periodic saves in attempts to break free of this effect.

The Touch of Despair curse amplifies the effect of the Touch of Death strike, as well as effects that deal negative energy damage, such as Night's Grasp weapons/handwraps.

Touch of Despair finishers are a conduit for Ninjutsu abilities from the Ninja Spy enhancements. Ninjutsu effects will, on failed saving throws, inject or purge Ninja Poison to a single enemy, activate Wave of Despair (one Negative Level to all nearby enemies) or steal 20 HP and 20 ki from one enemy.