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Touch of Despair

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Icon Feat Touch of Despair.png
Touch of Despair


Finishing Move: Dark Ki Melee AttackDark Ki Melee AttackDark Ki Melee AttackFinishing Move activator.

Deals +30% damage. You strike your opponent down with a terrible curse, halving all positive energy healing done to the target, reducing its fortification by 25%, and increasing its negative energy vulnerability by 25%.

A successful Fortitude save negates this effect (DC 10 + Monk level + highest of Dex/Wis Mod + Assassinate DC).

The target receives periodic saves to attempt to break free of this effect.

  • Target: Foe, Directional, Breakable
  • Duration: 1 minute
  • Save: Fortitude: DC 10 + Monk level + highest of Dex/Wis modifier + Assassinate DC). (Seems to benefit from stunning bonuses.)


The Touch of Despair curse amplifies the effect of the Touch of Death strike, as well as effects that deal negative energy damage, such as Night's Grasp weapons/handwraps.

Touch of Despair can be enhanced by Ninjutsu abilities from the Ninja Spy enhancements. Only one of these abilities can be active at any time:

  • Impending Doom: If the enemy affected by your Touch of Despair dies within the next 30 seconds, you gain 25 Ki and 25 temporary hit points. Enemies immune to your Touch of Despair cannot be Doomed.
  • Poison Exploit: On a failed saving throw, your Touch of Despair finisher purges an enemy of Ninja Poison, dealing 1d10+10 poison damage per stack of Ninja Poison removed.
  • Poisoned Soul: On a failed saving throw, your Touch of Despair finisher also causes your opponent to gain a stack of Ninja Poison every 6 seconds for 30 seconds.
  • Wave of Despair: Your Touch of Despair finisher also causes all nearby enemies to suffer one negative level.

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