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Wilderness Lore

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Wilderness Lore.png
Wilderness Lore


This feat grants represents your knowledge of the wilderness. Characters with this feat are granted special quest-specific dialog options/object interactions that classes without this feat otherwise could not perform. It may also allow certain skill checks to learn insight into specific situations.

  • Barbarian, Druid, Ranger receive this feat at every level.
  • Bard receive this feat at levels 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 ,11, 13 ,15, 17, 19.

Verbatim from the release notes:
Many classes now gain the "Arcane Lore", "Religious Lore", or "Wilderness Lore" feats every level, which may modify certain dialog options or come up in other ways during quests.

Known interactions

  • The Mask of Deception: Characters with the Wilderness Lore feat can complete the Poison the Feast optional objective..
  • Druidic Survival Mastery: while in Wild Shape, gives a bonus to damage dependent on Wilderness Lore feats
  • Druidic Stoneshape: while in Wild Shape, you receive a bonus to PRR dependent on Wilderness Lore feats
  • Fury of the Wild: the enhancement Lore of the Wilds gives a X% Primal bonus to HP dependent on Wilderness Lore feats
  • Shiradi Champion: the enhancement Feywild Attunement gives a X% bonus to Dodge dependent on Wilderness Lore feats
  • Dark Hunter: The fourth core of Dark Hunter (Opportune Moment) gives bonus sneak attack die equal to the number of Wilderness Lore feats when invisible (can only trigger once per 60 seconds)

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