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Item:Lightning-Split Soarwood

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Collectableicon LightningSplitSoarwood.gif

Lightning-Split Soarwood

A splintered branch from a lightning-struck soarwood tree. 1 Lightning-Split Soarwood is desired by Bowdlin in House Phiarlan.

  • Rare Soarwood

Drop Locations

  • House quest
    • Alchemy Tables
    • Crude Altars

Located in:
  • Haunted Library - 1 in key room, 1 in falling floor room
  • The Chamber of Insanity - go right, clear the room and continue
  • The Tide Turns - Rubble in 2nd room with rats in the Steam Tunnels
  • Lair of Summoning - take left, don't activate trap in the room, get table, continue around corner, open hidden door, get adventurer's pack, d-door out
  • Ruined Halls - have to get gargoyle lever first, bookshelf at shrine door, 2 tables in intel room
  • Xorian Cipher - when you do gird runs, you can check crude altars in golden/iron key room as well
  • Assault on Splinterskull - the table in the throne room give you a shot at one, and they can be hit 7 times on a run (don't forget to clear the throne room on part one, too). It's also possible to re-run the first half of part 6 over and over. Don't kill anything: just run, grab collectibles, and open doors. Since you technically complete the first part each time, you can immediately do it again. Seems to be a very rare drop, though. Good news is you might also pick up a Silver Flame Hymnal on the first bookshelf, and another good drop is Fragrant Drowshood near the second Shrine. There's also another more out of the way one, where Whisperdoom spawns.
  • Delera's 2nd part - crude altar in the very last room, where you first fight the shade of Delera.
  • Partycrashers - Private rooms upstairs.
  • Cult of the Six, Fall of the Prelate - In the library.
  • Wizard King - Cabinet near Djinn.
  • Zawabi's Revenge - Adventurer's Pack in the lava entry hall


Collector turn in Located in:
  • House Phiarlan
  • west to Golden Wing Inn
  • Reward:
Stone of Change Eldritch Ritual ingredient
Cannith Crafting Bound shard recipe
  • N/A
Unbound shard recipe Wisdom (Extra), Evil Effect (Extra), Resistance (Extra)