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Siberys Dragonshard

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Siberys Dragonshards (of varying types*) can be used to swap feats with Fred the mindflayer in House Jorasco. To do this, higher level characters require higher quality shards (see chart below). Siberys Dragonshards are also used in some Cannith Crafting recipes.

* In ascending order, the various types of Siberys Dragonshards are...

Higher quality Siberys Dragonshards can be created by combining lower quality ones at a Stone of Change or by trading with Fred. 100 yellow Siberys Dragonshard Fragments combine to create 1 Flawed Siberys Dragonshard, and from there it requires 10 lesser quality 'shards to combine to create 1 of the next higher quality (see chart below)

Fragments will stack to 10,000 and higher quality shards will stack to 100. Dragonshard fragments are the only quality that will go in an ingredients bags. Different shards also can occasionally be looted from any level appropriate chest or end-reward in game as a rare drop, and can be purchased in the DDO Store as well.

As of Update 9, a Regular, Exceptional, or Flawless Siberys Dragonshard can be chosen as a reward for achieving 75 favor with the Agents of Argonnessen.

This chart shows the quality of shard required to swap feats at certain levels, the number of lesser-quality shards required to create each shard, and that equivalent in yellow Shard Fragments (the smallest denomination).

Can be
made from
1-4 Flawed Siberys Dragonshard 100 Fragments 100
5-8 Imperfect Siberys Dragonshard 10 Flawed 1,000
9-12 Siberys Dragonshard 10 Imperfect 10,000
13-16 Exceptional Siberys Dragonshard 10 Siberys 100,000
17-30 Flawless Siberys Dragonshard 10 Exceptional 1,000,000

Note that you don't have to start with yellow fragments - but can if that's all you have, or if you don't have enough higher quality dragonshards to create what you need.