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About me[edit]

7,789 edits and counting!
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How do you kill someone with absolutely no life!?

MrLizard has 5,000 edits - keep up the good work!

DDOwikiEditor.jpg DDOwiki Editor since:

July 19, 2020.

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July 25, 2020.

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August 26, 2020.

Favorite DDO quotes[edit]

  • Those cultists multiply like kobolds, pare down their numbers some more. -- Pheryl Barlo
  • My enemy's enemy is not my friend, but perhaps my ally... -- Rungnir
  • The wizard Tharno will be in the great chamber, I think. Let us meet there, enemy of my enemy. -- also Rungnir, later on.
  • The Gargoyle Scoundrels dialog in Spies in the House.
  • The air here seems choked with bleakness and evil, as if all joy has been drained from this place. -- Dungeon Master (in a quest from Sorrowdusk Isle), clearly describing my office.

Favorite DDO quests[edit]


Description Started Completed
SlowlyIcon tooltip.pngThere is a huge amount of icons in the wiki. I must be realistic. remove the black borders of all the 'passive' icons. Make them all like the icons here.
Upload the icons of bardic music abilities like Fascinate (I always play as a bard, must do it). ?
Take pictures of monsters with missing images, preferably when doing favor runs. Note down missing CRs when possible (i.e., catch pokémon).
Upload all the missing city zone maps (like Siber Atoll and Lordsmarch Plaza). ?
Revamp the Places page.
Deorphanize orphan articles. See C:All orphaned articles.
Create diagnostic pages using DPL. See User:Aldyron/Diagnostics.
Revamp creature companion pages. See this talk page for the project details and discussion.
Add a 'clicky items'/Items section to spell pages.
Update the description images of items with augment slots to their Update 48 UI version.
Upload missing scroll description images. See Scrolls without images.
  • Color legend: Green = top priority projects; Yellow = background priority projects; Red = stand-by or abandoned projects.
  • Started legend: = Not started; = Started.
  • Completed legend: = Not completed; = Will never be completed; ? = Did a lot of stuff, must check if completed; = Completed.


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Here is a list of my current diagnostics pages: