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Item:Fragrant Drowshood

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Collectableicon CrimsonNightshade.gif

Fragrant Drowshood

A jet-black mushroom bearing a single white spot on its cap. 2 Fragrant Drowshoods are desired by Farrik Foe-Cleaver in House Jorasco.

  • Uncommon Fungus

Drop Locations

  • Purple mushrooms (not pink/white)
  • Mosses (drops appear to be more rare)

Located in:

  • An Offering of Blood - Heroic/not casual: 5 purple mushrooms behind 3 locked doors + 2 at underwater shrine.
  • Ataraxia's Haven explorer - 4 locations, Scrag Cave, Mining Cave, Ocean Cave, Wildman Cave [update: no longer available in this wilderness area due to level]
  • Into the Deep - Heroic Elite only: At least 3 purple mushrooms in the palaces.
  • The Last Stand - Heroic Elite only: 3 mosses, proceed clockwise around quest perimeter. Roughly 60 seconds to collect, recall & reform
  • In General: quests must be level 11 through 15. Mosses or mushrooms.


Collector turn in Located in:
  • House Jorasco
  • opposite side of the building from the Auctioneer
Stone of Change Eldritch Ritual ingredient
Cannith Crafting Bound shard recipe Resistance (Suffix), Fire Lore (Suffix), Vitality (Suffix), Melee Alacrity (Suffix), CON Damaging Effect (Suffix)
Unbound shard recipe Resistance (Suffix), Fire Lore (Suffix), Vitality (Suffix), Melee Alacrity (Suffix), CON Damaging Effect (Suffix)