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Item:Antique Bronze Token

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Antique Bronze Token

This bronze token served as currency during the reign of Raiyum, the Wizard-King. The faint outline of a crowned head can been seen on one side, but its features have been worn smooth by time. These are wanted by Masei Mkembe, at Masei's Imports in Zawabi's Refuge.

  • Common
  • Collector: Masei Mkembe
  • Located in: Masei Imports, Zawabi's Refuge
  • Reward:
    • Weapons
      • ML 6-8[UnverifiedIcon tooltip.png"ML 6-8" has not been verified in-game. Please verify it!]
        • Simple weapon - 100
        • Martial weapon - 125
        • Ranged weapon - 125
      • ML 8-10[UnverifiedIcon tooltip.png"ML 8-10" has not been verified in-game. Please verify it!]
        • Exceptional simple weapon - 500
        • Exceptional martial weapon - 625
        • Exceptional ranged weapon - 625
    • Armor
      • ML 6-8[UnverifiedIcon tooltip.png"ML 6-8" has not been verified in-game. Please verify it!]
        • Robe - 50
        • Docent - 50
        • Light armor - 50
        • Medium armor - 50
        • Heavy armor - 50
        • Shield - 50
      • ML 8-14
        • Exceptional robe - 250
        • Exceptional docent - 250
        • Exceptional light armor - 250
        • Exceptional medium armor - 250
        • Exceptional heavy armor - 250
        • Exceptional shield - 250
    • Accessories
      • ML 7-11
        • Clothing - 75
        • Jewelry - 75
      • ML 7-13[UnverifiedIcon tooltip.png"ML 7-13" has not been verified in-game. Please verify it!]
        • Exceptional clothing - 375
        • Exceptional jewelry - 375

Drop Locations


  • Tokens stack up to 1,000 in a collectable bag, 10,000 in inventory.
  • As of U24, this is one of the few places where you can still find mid-level randomly generated clickies.
  • As of U29 you can no longer get mid-level randomly generated clickies, as some of the items rewarded all have the "Ingredient Type: New Random Loot" qualifier.


  • After the first buff reducing the amount of tokens required per turn in, this used to be a good source of guild renown.
  • Before that, these rewards used to require far more tokens making the turns in rather poor. Cost were around 10x what they are now - up to 6,250 tokens.
  • Revamped to use the barter system. You are now given a single random loot-gen item. No choice besides type of item. No longer can be used to gain guild renown.
    • Since the overhaul to the system, MLs for each selection were assumed to be unchanged; however, clothing and jewelry are now ML 7-11. Exceptional clothing and jewelry are ML 7-13 or higher. Confirmation that the exceptional items go to a higher ML has been made (Armored +7 Bracers ML13).