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UI layout

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DDO UI Layout[edit]

As from Update 14, it is now possible to save your UI layout/options between different characters, accounts, computers, and monitor resolutions!

To create and save a custom layout:

  • Arrange your UI to your preferred layout and options for that character.
  • Save those settings locally by using “/ui layout save [filename]” in the chat window.
  • Replace "[filename]" with an easy to remember name for that layout.
    • If you don’t specify a filename, then your layout will be saved under, or loaded from, the name Default_<resolution>.layout.
      • For example, if you are running in 1440x900 resolution, your UI layout file will be "Default_1440_900.layout."
    • You can use %r to note your resolution and %c to note your character name.
      • For example /ui layout save %c_%r on a character called mrT playing at 1000x1000 resolution will result in a file named mrT_1000_1000.
  • You may save as many layouts as you like for any of your characters.
    • Be sure to use different names so as not to overwrite an existing layout.
  • To load a UI file, type "/ui layout load [filename]" in the chat window.
    • Your UI layout files save to your Dungeons & Dragons Online -> data -> ui -> layouts folder. You may copy your ui layout files from this folder into other computers if you like, though we recommend that you make a new layout if the monitor resolution between those computers differs.
  • On Windows 10, default directory for saved layout files is C:\Users\[yourname]\Documents\Dungeons and Dragons Online\ui\layouts

Mac client[edit]

Originally Posted by Kaytis Source on July 20, 2017

I noticed someone claiming that the toolbar layout can not be saved or loaded on the Mac client. This is not true.

To save your current toolbar layout, type:

/ui layout save /Users/your_home_directory/your_layout_file_name

To restore any of the layouts you have saved, type:

/ui layout load /Users/your_home_directory/your_layout_file_name

Note that "your_home_directory" is whatever the name of your home directory is. It is not literally "your_home_directory". "your_layout_file_name" can be any name. For example "toolbars14" which is the file I personally use for my 14 toolbar layout.

This is incredibly useful during TR. A simple "ui layout load" will put all the bars back where you are used to seeing them. It doesn't fill anything out, but it's still a huge time saver.