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Kobold Shaman

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  • Our land, no yours. Kobolds teach you to leave!
  • Kill the intruders!

Type: Reptilian (List)

Race: Kobold (List)

Monster Manual classification: Kobold

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Rare: No

Organization: 1-4

CR:  ♦1Normal ♥3Hard ♠5Elite

Attack: Claw (Piercing), Alchemist's Fire Flask (AOE Fire damage), Spells -  Acid Splash, Cause Fear, Magic MissileNormal Hold Person, Scorching Ray, Obscuring MistHard Lightning Bolt, Bestow CurseElite

Special Qualities: Spellcasting (Wizard)


Description: The primary spellcasters of the kobolds. The Kobold Shaman likes to cast from a distance or throw flasks of alchemist fire. A Shield spell or an item with the Shield spell on it can be very handy against the magic missiles when taking out more than one of these. On Elite difficulty, the Kobold Shaman ignores most of its spell list in favor of spamming Lightning Bolt which can devastating.

Spells available vary by its CR