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Category:Monsters by quest

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Historical quests • Monsters in A Break In the Ice • Monsters in A Cabal for One • Monsters in A Cry for Help • Monsters in A Frosty Reception • Monsters in A Legend Revisited • Monsters in A Lesson in Deception • Monsters in A Man Named Baudry Cartamon • Monsters in A Matter of Protection • Monsters in A New Invasion • Monsters in A Raven at the Door • Monsters in A Relic of a Sovereign Past • Monsters in A Sharn Welcome • Monsters in A Small Problem • Monsters in A Stay at the Inn • Monsters in A Study in Sable • Monsters in A Vision of Destruction • Monsters in Acid Wit • Monsters in Acute Delirium • Monsters in Against the Demon Queen • Monsters in Against the Demon Queen (quest) • Monsters in All Hail the King • Monsters in An Element of Chaos • Monsters in An Explosive Situation • Monsters in An Invitation to Dinner • Monsters in An Offering of Blood • Monsters in And the Dead Shall Rise... • Monsters in Anniversary Party • Monsters in Anniversary Party (12th) • Monsters in Anniversary Party (13th) • Monsters in Anniversary Party (15th) • Monsters in Anniversary Party (16th) • Monsters in Another Man's Treasure • Monsters in Arachnophobia • Monsters in Archer Point Defense • Monsters in Army of Eternal Night • Monsters in Army of Shadow • Monsters in Artificer Workshops • Monsters in Ascension Chamber • Monsters in Assault on Splinterskull • Monsters in Assault on Summerfield • Monsters in Assault on the Aerie of the Slave Lords • Monsters in Ataraxia's Haven • Monsters in Aussircaex's Valley • Monsters in Back to Basics • Monsters in Ball and Chain Garret • Monsters in Bargain of Blood • Monsters in Bastion of Power • Monsters in Beautiful Nightmares • Monsters in Best Laid Plans • Monsters in Beyond the Rift • Monsters in Black and Blue • Monsters in Blockade Buster • Monsters in Blown Deadline • Monsters in Blown to Bits • Monsters in Breaking the Ranks • Monsters in Bring Me the Head of Ghola-Fan! • Monsters in Bringing the Light • Monsters in Brood of Flame • Monsters in Brothers of the Forge • Monsters in Bullywugs and Booby Traps • Monsters in Caged Beast • Monsters in Caged Trolls • Monsters in Cannith Manufactury • Monsters in Captive of the Hidden God • Monsters in Caught in the Web • Monsters in Caverns of Korromar • Monsters in Chains of Flame • Monsters in Claw Canyon • Monsters in Combat Magic Room • Monsters in Combat Magic Training • Monsters in Combatting Corruption • Monsters in Come Out and Slay • Monsters in Creeping Death • Monsters in Crystal Cove • Monsters in Danger at Dunwater • Monsters in DeGenev Brothers • Monsters in Dead Predators • Monsters in Death House • Monsters in Defiler of the Just • Monsters in Delera's Graveyard • Monsters in Delera's Tomb • Monsters in Delirium • Monsters in Demon Assault • Monsters in Desecrated Temple of Vol • Monsters in Desecrated Temple of Vol (epic) • Monsters in Desert Caravan • Monsters in Desire in the Dark • Monsters in Detour • Monsters in Devil Assault (quest) • Monsters in Devil Battlefield • Monsters in Diplomatic Impunity • Monsters in Dirty Laundry • Monsters in Disciples of Shar • Monsters in Don't Drink the Water • Monsters in Doom of the Witch-doctor: The Way to Zulkash • Monsters in Doom of the Witch-doctor: Zulkash, Herald of Woe • Monsters in Down You Go • Monsters in Dr. Rushmore's Mansion: Behind the Door • Monsters in Dr. Rushmore's Mansion: Moving Targets • Monsters in Dr. Rushmore's Mansion: Moving Targets - EPIC • Monsters in Dr. Rushmore's Mansion: Picture Portals • Monsters in Dr. Rushmore's Mansion: Picture Portals - EPIC • Monsters in Dread Sea Scrolls • Monsters in Dream Conspiracy • Monsters in Dreams of Insanity • Monsters in Dryad Grove: Defenseless • Monsters in Dryad Grove: The Great Tree • Monsters in Durk's Got A Secret • Monsters in Eerie Forest • Monsters in Endgame: Marguerite • Monsters in Endgame: The Archbishop's Fate • Monsters in Enter the Kobold • Monsters in Entering the Gate Chamber • Monsters in Escape Plan • Monsters in Escort the Expedition • Monsters in Eternity Unleashed • Monsters in Euphonia's Mission • Monsters in Extraplanar Palace • Monsters in Extraplanar Palace: Buying Time • Monsters in Extraplanar Palace: Buying Time - EPIC • Monsters in Extraplanar Palace: Labor Shortage • Monsters in Extraplanar Palace: Labor Shortage - EPIC • Monsters in Extraplanar Palace: The Dragon's Hoard • Monsters in Extraplanar Palace: The Dragon's Hoard - EPIC • Monsters in Eye Know Whodunnit • Monsters in Eye of the Titan • Monsters in Eyes of Stone • Monsters in Fall of the Forbidden Temple • Monsters in Fashion Madness • Monsters in Fathom the Depths • Monsters in Fear Factory • Monsters in Feast or Famine • Monsters in Finding Dorris • Monsters in Finding the Path • Monsters in Fire on Thunder Peak • Monsters in First Strike • Monsters in Flesh Maker's Laboratory • Monsters in Flesh Maker's Laboratory (epic) • Monsters in Forgotten Caverns • Monsters in Foundation of Discord • Monsters in Frame Work • Monsters in Framework • Monsters in Free Delera • Monsters in Fresh-baked Dreams • Monsters in Freshen the Air • Monsters in Friends in Low Places • Monsters in From Beyond the Grave • Monsters in Garrison's Missing Pack • Monsters in Gateway to Khyber • Monsters in Genesis Point • Monsters in Getting Ahead in Lordsmarch Palace • Monsters in Ghost of a Chance • Monsters in Ghost of a Chance (epic) • Monsters in Ghosts of Perdition • Monsters in Ghosts of Perdition (epic) • Monsters in Gianthold Tor • Monsters in Gladewatch Outpost Defense • Monsters in Good Intentions • Monsters in Grave Work • Monsters in Graveyard Shift • Monsters in Grey Moon's Den: Extermination • Monsters in Grey Moon's Den: The Trollish Scourge • Monsters in Grim and Barett • Monsters in Growing Pains • Monsters in Guard Duty • Monsters in Guild Airships • Monsters in Gwylan's Stand • Monsters in Halls of Shan-To-Kor • Monsters in Haunted Library • Monsters in Haverdashed • Monsters in Haverdasher • Monsters in Hayweird Foundry • Monsters in Haywire Foundry • Monsters in Heart of the Problem • Monsters in Heyton's Rest • Monsters in Hiding in Plain Sight • Monsters in Hold for Reinforcements • Monsters in Home Sweet Sewer • Monsters in Hound of Xoriat • Monsters in House Avithoul • Monsters in House Cannith Manufactury • Monsters in House of Pain • Monsters in House of Rusted Blades • Monsters in Housekeeping • Monsters in Hunt or Be Hunted • Monsters in I Dream of Jeets • Monsters in Immortality Lessons • Monsters in Impossible Demands • Monsters in In Need of Supplies • Monsters in In The Flesh • Monsters in In the Belly of the Beast • Monsters in In the Demon's Den • Monsters in In the Flesh • Monsters in Inferno of the Damned • Monsters in Inferno of the Damned (epic) • Monsters in Information is Key • Monsters in Into the Deep • Monsters in Into the Mists • Monsters in Invaders! • Monsters in Irestone Inlet • Monsters in Isle of Dread (wilderness) • Monsters in Isle of Forgotten Dreams • Monsters in Jungle Clearing • Monsters in Just Business • Monsters in Killing Time • Monsters in Kind of a Big Deal • Monsters in Kobold Assault • Monsters in Kobold Island: Kobold Chaos • Monsters in Kobold Island: Short Cuts • Monsters in Kobold Island: Short Cuts - EPIC • Monsters in Kobold Island: The Disruptor • Monsters in Kobold Island: The Disruptor - EPIC • Monsters in Korthos Island • Monsters in Lava Caves: Circles of Power • Monsters in Lava Caves: Colossal Crystals • Monsters in Lava Caves: Colossal Crystals - EPIC • Monsters in Lava Caves: Time is Money • Monsters in Lava Caves: Time is Money - EPIC • Monsters in Legend of Two-Toed Tobias • Monsters in Legendary Hound of Xoriat • Monsters in Legendary Lord of Blades • Monsters in Legendary Master Artificer • Monsters in Legendary Tempest's Spine • Monsters in Legendary Vision of Destruction • Monsters in Let Sleeping Dust Lie • Monsters in Lines of Supply • Monsters in Litany of the Dead • Monsters in Lost at Sea • Monsters in Lost in the Swamp • Monsters in Mabar Endless Night Festival • Monsters in Mad Tea Party • Monsters in Made to Order • Monsters in Madstone Crater • Monsters in Make Believe • Monsters in Maraud the Mines • Monsters in Members Only • Monsters in Memoirs of an Illusory Larcener • Monsters in Memory Lapse • Monsters in Mining for Ancient Secrets • Monsters in Mired in Kobolds • Monsters in Mirra's Sleepless Nights • Monsters in Misery's Peak • Monsters in Missing • Monsters in Missing in Action • Monsters in Monastery of the Scorpion • Monsters in Mount Reysalon • Monsters in Multitude of Menace • Monsters in Murder by Night • Monsters in Necromancer's Doom • Monsters in Necropolis • Monsters in Needle in a Fey Stack • Monsters in Night Falls on Stormreach • Monsters in No Refunds • Monsters in Oath of Vengeance • Monsters in Obstructing the Orcs • Monsters in Old Baba's Hut • Monsters in Old Grey Garl • Monsters in Old Tomb, New Tenants • Monsters in One Dame Thing After Another • Monsters in Orchard of the Macabre (epic) • Monsters in Orchard of the Macabre (heroic) • Monsters in Order in the Court! • Monsters in Outbreak • Monsters in Outer Splinterskull Fortress • Monsters in Overgrowth • Monsters in Palace of Stone • Monsters in Parthilcar Tower Crypt • Monsters in Partycrashers • Monsters in Plane of Night • Monsters in Plundering Pirates' Point • Monsters in Pool of Reflection • Monsters in Power Play • Monsters in Precious Cargo • Monsters in Prey on the Hunter • Monsters in Prison of the Mind • Monsters in Project Nemesis • Monsters in Proof is in the Poison • Monsters in Protect Baudry's Interests • Monsters in Prove Your Worth • Monsters in Prove Your Worth (epic) • Monsters in Purge the Fallen Shrine • Monsters in Purge the Heretics • Monsters in Quarantine • Monsters in Quid Pro Quo • Monsters in Raid the Vulkoorim • Monsters in Raiding the Giants' Vault • Monsters in Rainbow in the Dark • Monsters in Ravens' Bane • Monsters in Reach for the Sky • Monsters in Reclaiming Memories • Monsters in Reclaiming the Rift • Monsters in Reclamation • Monsters in Records of the Past • Monsters in Recovering the Lost Tome • Monsters in Red Rain • Monsters in Redemption (quest) • Monsters in Redfang the Unruled • Monsters in Redwillow's Ruins • Monsters in Reign of Elemental Evil • Monsters in Repossession • Monsters in Research Facility • Monsters in Rest Stop • Monsters in Rest for the Night • Monsters in Rest for the Restless • Monsters in Resurrection Chamber • Monsters in Retrieve the Stolen Goods • Monsters in Return to Cabal for One • Monsters in Return to Delera's Tomb (quest) • Monsters in Return to Gianthold Tor • Monsters in Return to Madstone Crater • Monsters in Return to Prison of the Planes • Monsters in Return to the Sanctuary • Monsters in Riding the Storm Out • Monsters in Ritual Sacrifice • Monsters in Roll Call • Monsters in Rosemary's Ballad • Monsters in Ruined Halls • Monsters in Ruined Keep: The Daybreak Ritual • Monsters in Ruined Keep: The Sunset Ritual • Monsters in Ruinous Schemes • Monsters in Ruins of Gianthold • Monsters in Ruins of Gianthold (epic) • Monsters in Ruins of Gianthold (heroic) • Monsters in Ruins of Threnal • Monsters in Running with the Devils • Monsters in Sacrifices • Monsters in Safety in Numbers • Monsters in Saltmarsh • Monsters in Sandbox • Monsters in Sands of Menechtarun • Monsters in Scavenger Hunt • Monsters in Schemes of the Enemy • Monsters in Sealed in Amber • Monsters in Search and Rescue • Monsters in Searing Heights • Monsters in Secret of the Slavers' Stockade • Monsters in Secure the Area • Monsters in Security Detail • Monsters in Seizing the Dawn • Monsters in Servants of the Overlord • Monsters in Setting the Wards: The Lower Cathedral • Monsters in Setting the Wards: The Patriarchs' Crypt • Monsters in Shadow of a Doubt • Monsters in Siegebreaker • Monsters in Sinister Storage • Monsters in Sins of Attrition • Monsters in Skeletons in the Closet • Monsters in Slave Pits of the Undercity • Monsters in Slavers of the Shrieking Mines • Monsters in Smash and Burn • Monsters in Smashing Pumpkins • Monsters in Smuggler's Rest • Monsters in Soami Gardens • Monsters in Sorrowdusk Isle • Monsters in Soul Survivor • Monsters in Spiders and Flies • Monsters in Spies in the House • Monsters in Sschindylryn • Monsters in Stand Your Ground • Monsters in Stealer of Souls • Monsters in Stealthy Repossession • Monsters in Stop Hazadill's Shipment • Monsters in Stopping the Sahuagin • Monsters in Storm the Beaches • Monsters in Stormcleave Outpost • Monsters in Strike Back • Monsters in Stromvauld's Mine • Monsters in Subversion • Monsters in Sunrise • Monsters in Swim at Your Own Risk • Monsters in Sykros' Jewel • Monsters in Taming the Flames • Monsters in Tangleroot Gorge • Monsters in Tavern Brawl • Monsters in Tempest's Spine • Monsters in Temple of Elemental Evil Part One • Monsters in Temple of Elemental Evil Part Two • Monsters in Temple of the Deathwyrm • Monsters in Terminal Delirium • Monsters in Tharashk Arena • Monsters in The Age of Rage • Monsters in The Archon's Trial • Monsters in The Archons' Trial • Monsters in The Battle for Eveningstar • Monsters in The Black Loch • Monsters in The Bloody Crypt • Monsters in The Bookbinder Rescue • Monsters in The Borderlands • Monsters in The Bounty Hunter • Monsters in The Bugbear Bandits • Monsters in The Butcher's Path • Monsters in The Cannith Crystal • Monsters in The Captives • Monsters in The Catacombs • Monsters in The Cerulean Hills • Monsters in The Chamber of Insanity • Monsters in The Chamber of Kourush • Monsters in The Chamber of Rahmat • Monsters in The Chamber of Raiyum • Monsters in The Chronoscope • Monsters in The Church and the Cult • Monsters in The Claw of Vulkoor • Monsters in The Cloven-jaw Scourge: Blockade • Monsters in The Cloven-jaw Scourge: The Caverns of Shaagh • Monsters in The Coalescence Chamber • Monsters in The Codex and the Shroud • Monsters in The Cogs • Monsters in The Collaborator • Monsters in The Crucible • Monsters in The Crypt of Gerard Dryden • Monsters in The Curse and the Captive Crustacean • Monsters in The Curse of Strahd • Monsters in The Cursed Crypt • Monsters in The Deadly Package: Agent of the Darguul • Monsters in The Deadly Package: The Stronghold Key • Monsters in The Deal and the Demon • Monsters in The Demonweb • Monsters in The Depths of Darkness • Monsters in The Depths of Despair • Monsters in The Depths of Discord • Monsters in The Depths of Doom • Monsters in The Devil's Details • Monsters in The Dreaming Dark • Monsters in The Dreaming Dark (Quest) • Monsters in The Dreaming Dark (quest) • Monsters in The Druid's Curse • Monsters in The Dryad and the Demigod • Monsters in The End of the Road • Monsters in The Endless Revels • Monsters in The Enemy Within • Monsters in The Faithful Departed • Monsters in The Fall of Truth • Monsters in The Fane of the Six: Cleansing the Temple • Monsters in The Fane of the Six: Fall of the Prelate • Monsters in The Feywild • Monsters in The Final Enemy • Monsters in The Final Vintage • Monsters in The Fire Caves • Monsters in The Forgotten Caverns • Monsters in The Friar's Niece • Monsters in The Gate Chamber • Monsters in The Giant Lieutenants • Monsters in The Giants' Lair • Monsters in The Giants' Supplies • Monsters in The Graverobber • Monsters in The Grey Moon's Den: Extermination • Monsters in The Grey Moon's Den: The Trollish Scourge • Monsters in The Grotto • Monsters in The Hand and the Eyes • Monsters in The Haunted Halls of Eveningstar • Monsters in The Haunting of Saltmarsh • Monsters in The High Road • Monsters in The Hijacked Haul • Monsters in The Hobgoblin Horde • Monsters in The Hobgoblins' Captives • Monsters in The Home of Memory • Monsters in The House of Broken Chains • Monsters in The House of Death Undone • Monsters in The House of Rusted Blades • Monsters in The Icemount Curse • Monsters in The Inspired Quarter • Monsters in The Iron Mines: Freeing Achka • Monsters in The Iron Mines: Justice for Grust • Monsters in The Jungle of Khyber • Monsters in The Keeper's Sanctuary • Monsters in The King's Forest • Monsters in The Knight Who Cried Windmill • Monsters in The Kobold's Den: Clan Gnashtooth • Monsters in The Kobold's Den: Rescuing Arlos • Monsters in The Kobolds' New Ringleader • Monsters in The Kobolds' Newest Ringleader • Monsters in The Lair of Summoning • Monsters in The Land of Barovia • Monsters in The Last Move: The Way to Yarkuch • Monsters in The Last Move: Yarkuch's Last Stand • Monsters in The Last Stand • Monsters in The Legend of Two-Toed Tobias • Monsters in The Legend of the Lost Locket • Monsters in The Library of Threnal • Monsters in The Lord of Blades • Monsters in The Lord of Eyes • Monsters in The Lord of Stone • Monsters in The Lords of Dust • Monsters in The Lost Seekers • Monsters in The Lost Thread • Monsters in The Madness of Crowds • Monsters in The Magma Must Flow • Monsters in The Mark of Death • Monsters in The Mask of Deception • Monsters in The Master Artificer • Monsters in The Maze of Madness • Monsters in The Miller's Debt • Monsters in The Mindsunder • Monsters in The Missing Expedition • Monsters in The Missing Party • Monsters in The Mystery of Delera's Tomb • Monsters in The Newcomers • Monsters in The Night Revels • Monsters in The Night Revels - Delera's Graveyard


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