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Category:Absorption items

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These are all items that absorb a % of a specific type of incoming damage.

Beholder Optic Nerves

Epic Eye of the Beholder

Battered Phiarlan Shield

Shield of Reflecting

Brooch of Shielding

Battered Phiarlan ShieldCormyrian Green Dragonhide ArmorCormyrian Green Dragonplate ArmorCormyrian Green Dragonscale ArmorCormyrian Green Dragonscale DocentCormyrian Green Dragonscale RobeDisc of Acid WardingDissolutionEarthcarverElemental VictoryEpic Demon Scale ArmorEpic Elemental VictoryEpic Etched Leather ArmorEpic Etched Platemail ArmorEpic Etched Scalemail ArmorEpic Etched Temple DocentEpic Etched Temple RobeEtched Leather ArmorEtched Platemail ArmorEtched Temple DocentGauntlet of the Iron CouncilPrismatic Cloak, Green (Level 17)Prismatic Cloak, Green (Level 18)Prismatic Cloak, Green (Level 19)Prismatic Cloak, Green (Level 26)Prismatic Cloak, Green (Level 27)Prismatic Cloak, Green (Level 28)Rock Boots

Legendary Mirrorplate TowerMirrorplate TowerPurple Dragon Shield

Bracers of Order and ChaosConcentrated ChaosKey of Rhukaan DraalLegendary Bracers of Order and Chaos

Chulchannad's ClawDream EdgeElemental VictoryEpic Demon Scale ArmorEpic Elemental VictoryEpic Frozen PlateEpic Quenched Leather ArmorEpic Quenched Platemail ArmorEpic Quenched Scalemail ArmorEpic Quenched Temple DocentPrismatic Cloak, Blue (Level 17)Prismatic Cloak, Blue (Level 18)Prismatic Cloak, Blue (Level 19)Prismatic Cloak, Blue (Level 26)Prismatic Cloak, Blue (Level 27)Prismatic Cloak, Blue (Level 28)Quenched Leather ArmorQuenched Platemail ArmorSigil of RegalportSilver Dragonscale Capelet

Dream EdgeElemental VictoryEnergized Leather ArmorEnergized Platemail ArmorEnergized Temple DocentEnergized Temple RobeEpic Demon Scale ArmorEpic Elemental VictoryEpic Energized Leather ArmorEpic Energized Platemail ArmorEpic Energized Scalemail ArmorEpic Energized Temple DocentEpic Energized Temple RobeEpic Steelweave ShinguardsLegendary Ring of Flickering SteelPrismatic Cloak, Violet (Level 17)Prismatic Cloak, Violet (Level 18)Prismatic Cloak, Violet (Level 19)Prismatic Cloak, Violet (Level 26)Prismatic Cloak, Violet (Level 27)Prismatic Cloak, Violet (Level 28)Ring of Flickering SteelRing of the DjinnRing of the Djinn (Level 12)Ring of the Djinn (Level 13)Ring of the Djinn (Level 14)Ring of the Djinn (Level 23)Ring of the Djinn (Level 24)Ring of the Djinn (level 25)Steelweave ShinguardsStolen Signet of ir'Wynarn

Archaic DeviceCyran GuardCyran Guard (Level 26)Cyran Guard (Level 27)Cyran Guard (Level 28)Golden Orb of Death (Level 26)Golden Orb of Death (Level 7)War Wizard's RobesWizard's WardWizard's Ward (Level 16)Wizard's Ward (Level 17)Wizard's Ward (Level 18)Wizard's Ward (Level 23)Wizard's Ward (Level 24)Wizard's Ward (Level 25)

BijioBrand of Kalok ShashCloak of FlamesCloak of Flames (level 11)Cloak of Flames (level 15)Cormyrian Red Dragonhide ArmorCormyrian Red Dragonplate ArmorCormyrian Red Dragonscale ArmorCormyrian Red Dragonscale DocentCormyrian Red Dragonscale RobeCrabshell BucklerDream EdgeElemental VictoryEpic Cloak of FlamesEpic Demon Scale ArmorEpic Elemental VictoryEpic Firestorm GreavesEpic FlamewardEpic Purging the PantheonEpic Smoldering Leather ArmorEpic Smoldering Platemail ArmorEpic Smoldering Scalemail ArmorEpic Smoldering Temple DocentFirebreakFirebreak (level 15)Firebreak (level 16)Firebreak (level 17)Firebreak (level 22)Firebreak (level 23)Firebreak (level 24)Firestorm GreavesFlamewardLegendary Crabshell BucklerOrcish Privateer's BootsPrismatic Cloak, Red (Level 17)Prismatic Cloak, Red (Level 18)Prismatic Cloak, Red (Level 19)Prismatic Cloak, Red (Level 26)Prismatic Cloak, Red (Level 27)Prismatic Cloak, Red (Level 28)Smoldering Leather ArmorSmoldering Scalemail ArmorSmoldering Temple DocentSmoldering Temple Robe

Deathwyrm CloakStrap of ScaleThe Zarash'ak Ward

Bracers of Order and ChaosLegendary Bracers of Order and ChaosRadiant Ring of Taer Valaestas

Lesser Anti-Beholder Crystal

Band of Diani ir'WynarnEpic Purging the PantheonLegendary Rising SunRising Sun

Death's DoorDeath's LocketDeath's Locket (Level 12)Death's Locket (Level 13)Death's Locket (Level 14)Death's Locket (Level 23)Death's Locket (Level 24)Death's Locket (Level 25)Elegant Diamond NecklaceEpic Mournlode BreastplateMournlode ArmorsSacred HelmSilver Flame AmuletSilver Flame PendantSilver Flame Talisman

Belt of Thoughtful RememberanceCarved Bone ShieldEpic Mournlode BreastplateEpic Mournlode ChainEpic Mournlode DocentEpic Mournlode Docent (Level 20)Epic Mournlode FullplateEpic Mummy WrappingsFirst LightFirst Light (level 10)First Light (level 15)First Light (level 20)First Light (level 25)First Light (level 30)First Light (level 5)Fleshshaper's BrigandineFleshshaper's DocentIr'Kesslan's Most Prescient LensMournlode Armors

Scarab of Protection

Prismatic Cloak, Grey (Level 17)Prismatic Cloak, Grey (Level 18)Prismatic Cloak, Grey (Level 19)Prismatic Cloak, Grey (Level 26)Prismatic Cloak, Grey (Level 27)Prismatic Cloak, Grey (Level 28)Sigil of the Triumvirate

Crystalline GauntletsEpic Phiarlan Mirror CloakJeweled CloakJeweled Cloak (Level 12)Jeweled Cloak (Level 13)Jeweled Cloak (Level 14)Jeweled Cloak (Level 23)Jeweled Cloak (Level 24)Jeweled Cloak (Level 25)MagestarMantle of the WorldshaperPale Lavender Ioun StonePale Lavender Ioun Stone (unsuppressed)Scarab of Spell Absorption

Epic Bow of the Elements (Air)Renard's Elegant Hat


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