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Item:Shamanic Totem

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Shamanic Totem icon.png

Shamanic Totem

A bone and hide representation of a large humanoid. Shamanic Totem is desired by Davyd Turner in the Marketplace.

  • Tier 2 CulturalIcon tooltip.png
  • Rare Primitive Tool

Found In Nodes

Locations for Farming

  • Mob kills
    • Animated Armor
    • Bugbears
    • Gnolls
    • Hobgoblins
    • Orcs
    • Skeletons
    • Troglodytes (both 1 & 2?)


Collector turn in
  • Located in: The Marketplace
  • Reward:
Stone of Change Eldritch Ritual ingredient
  • N/A
Cannith Crafting Bound shard recipe
  • N/A
Unbound shard recipe Repair Amplification (Extra), Human Bane (Extra), Incorporeal Bane (Extra), Elemental Bane (Extra), Nullification (Extra), Abjuration Focus (Extra), Illusion Resistance (Extra), Lawful Outsider Bane (Extra), Seeker (Extra), Combustion (Extra), Acid Effect (Extra), Electricity Absorption (Extra), Tendon Slice (Extra), Shield Spikes (Extra)