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Warlock equipment

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Starting a...



Warlocks are proficient with Light Armor and they can cast spells in Light Armor without having to worry about Arcane Spell Failure. Warlocks who invest in Enlightened Spirit enhancements can eventually pick up Medium Armor proficiency (and the ability to ignore ASF in medium armor).

Weapons and shields[edit]

Warlocks are proficients with simple weapons and no shields. Fortunately, Warlocks have access to Master's Touch spell to gain proficiency. Warlocks can also gain proficiency with all martial weapons by investing in Enlightened Spirit enhancements.

Spellcasting equipment[edit]

The following spell power types increase your Eldritch Blast damage (DDO Forums):

  • Normal eldritch blast: force/untyped damage (impulse / kinetic lore / spellcraft skill)
  • Fey pact: sonic damage (resonance / sonic lore / perform skill)
  • Fiend pact: fire damage (combustion / fire lore / spellcraft skill)
  • Great Old One pact: acid damage (corrosion / acid lore / spellcraft skill)
  • Light and alignment (good, chaotic, evil, lawful) damage (radiance / radiance lore / spellcraft skill)

Most Warlock spells don't deal hit point damage. A notable exception is Evard's Black Tentacles, which deals bludgeoning damage (impulse / kinetic lore / spellcraft skill).

Many Warlocks choose to eschew Force damage in favor of using Light spell power, by using Utterdark Blast.

It's also important to find Spell Lore equipment for these types.

INT and CHA boost the Spellcraft and Perform skills, respectively.

Depending on their focus, some Warlocks increase the DC to resist their spells and spell penetration:

Defensive equipment[edit]

Warlocks do not have any special defensive needs. Try to find gear with the common defensive stats useful to all characters:

  • Saves - Resistance / Good Luck / Greater Hero / DEX
  • HP - False Life / Vitality
  • Heal Amp. - The two good/easy sources are Purple Dragon Gauntlets ML20 and Iron Mitts ML24. Those stack with Mysterious Bracers. These also stack with a Tower of Despair ring.
  • Dodge - Check your dodge cap; Medium Armor at higher levels tends to cap around 10%. Worth having, not worth stacking beyond that, obviously.
  • Damage Reduction - You can Cannith Craft Invulnerability (DR 5/magic) fairly easily at level 4.
  • PRR/MRR - Sheltering / heavier Armor / Mysterious Bracers.
  • Deathblock - Many sources. The augment (yellow) is cheap on the DDO Store.
  • Fortification - Many sources. The 100% augment (blue) can be gotten from collectibles turn-ins. Note that 100% isn't enough for Epic Elite.
  • Spell Absorption - Upgraded Pale Lavender Ioun Stone or Jeweled Cloak. Good for Beholders, Stormreaver, etc. Some players wear one at all times.


Warlocks tend to have exceptional UMD. Even the first-life Warlocks should carry some scrolls, particularly for healing. Most scrolls can be bought from the guild vendors in House Kundarak.

Level 1:

  • Lightning Sphere - No save long-range AoE CC, breaks on damage. Might be situationally useful. ML:1, but high UMD requirement, probably not usable until level 7-11ish.

Level 5:

Level 7:

  • Teleport
  • Raise Dead - Can be costly for first-lifers, but buy some anyway. At some point you'll be super-thankful you have them.

Level 9:

  • Heal - Your bread and butter healing from levels 9-20. Keep a stack or two handy. Also cures most status ailments!

Level 11:

Notable named items[edit]

Fey Pact / Shiradi Champion: