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Eveningstar map

North of the King's Forest lies a small farming village - a common stop for adventurers before the Drow began their vicious assault on the surface world.

Eveningstar is a town area introduced in Update 14 and players' hub in Forgotten Realms. The Eveningstar village can be found on the kingdom of the Cormyr north from the Lake of Dragons (see FR wiki entry for more details in Forgotten Realms setting).

Level Restrictions[edit]

Minimum level for accessing Eveningstar:

  • Level 1 if you're a TR with Key to the City - Eveningstar from your previous life
  • Level 11, if you're grouped with someone higher.
  • Level 12, if you're not.
  • Level 14 to enter the heroic The High Road wilderness area.
  • Level 15 to do challenges, non-epic quests within the Eveningstar village, and heroic The Storm Horns wilderness area.
  • Level 20 to enter other wilderness areas

Getting to Eveningstar[edit]

If you have not purchased a Hall of Heroes Passport from the store, speak to Gatekeeper Grazla in the Harbour.

To get from Stormreach to Eveningstar for the first time, run the quest Beyond the Rift (Level 16 with Epic). The location is "The Rift Between Worlds" and it appears in the quest journal under a new section, "The Spinner's Prison."

Once you've run the quest, whenever you need to go from Eberron to Eveningstar, you can use the quest entrance in the Harbor:

  1. Choose "Go to the Demonweb entrance. (Menace to the Underdark expansion pack". This will send you to the Spinner's Prison, which holds no danger (for this discussion), but is a safe "between worlds" pocket area.
  2. Run forward (north/up on the map) toward the dais where Tavnar Kronnak is standing with a pet wolf.
  3. Bend left (NW on the map) and up the web-bridge toward the purple portal, "The Deomonweb". (It's safe, you can't fall off.)
  4. Choose "Travel to Eveningstar Cavern", another safe pocket area.
  5. Run forward (roughly southwest on the map), up the stone ramp, and out the obvious cave mouth - and you'll find yourself just south of Eveningstar village.

After reaching 125 Purple Dragon Knights favor, you will receive a "Key to the City - Eveningstar" as a favor reward item. That will allow you to teleport back to Eveningstar. This item has a cooldown of 30 minutes.

Characters owning a Key to the City - Eveningstar from their previous lives can access The Spinner's Prison area from the Eveningstar side. They can take Beyond the Rift and bypass the first three quests. These characters can successfully flag for the raid, however, they cannot enter the Spinner's Prison from Harbor, i.e., they cannot walk into Forgotten Realms, they must always use the Key to the City.

The Hall of Heroes Passport option (free to VIPs accounts and Iconic characters, 795 TPs otherwise) lets you use the "Transport to Forgotten Realms" button on the Character Select screen to move your character to the Hall of Heroes in Eveningstar, regardless of level and even if you haven't done the Web of Chaos quests. If you are in-game, you must log out to get to the Character Select screen.

Getting back from Eveningstar[edit]

To return to Eberron...

  1. Either
    • run south of Eveningstar village and across the river to "Eveningstar Cavern" (green portal symbol on your map)*
    • enter the Eveningstar Hall of Heroes, then go back out - you'll have the option to go to "Eveningstar Cavern"
    * Sometimes, the portal says "blocked"; try entering from various angles and distances to go through.
  2. Run forward to the purple portal, "The Demonweb". (The jump is not far, but there's a steep ramp a little on your left if you'd prefer to use that.)
  3. Select "Return to the Spinner's Prison in Khyber".
  4. Run forward (south on the map) to the large blue portal, "Stormreach" - and you'll find yourself in the lower Harbor, roughly across the water from the Waterworks.

You can also enter any of the Temple of Elemental Evil quests from Forgotten Realms Halls of Heroes. When you exit the quest, you appear in Eberron Halls of Heroes.

You can also return to Eberron via teleportation spells or Guild Airship Beacon.

If your soul is bound to an Eberron location, you can "release" after you've died, or type "/death".

The Character Select screen also has a "Transport to Eberron" button, which moves you to the Hall of Heroes in the Marketplace.

Points of interest[edit]

Eveningstar Cavern[edit]

The Lonesome Tankard (inn)[edit]

  • Tavernkeep
  • Melinde Agister, spirit binder

Notable NPCs[edit]

Quests and challenges[edit]

Story Arcs[edit]


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Menace of the Underdark quests[edit]

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