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Iconic Heroes

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Introduced in Update 18 for those who pre-order the Shadowfell Conspiracy expansion, Iconic Heroes (or simply Iconics) are the new form of character creation, sort of like a mix of Veteran Status, 32 point build, and new race.

Bladeforged character creation screen
  • All start in special locations and are given enough XP to level to 15 (1,050,000 XP).
  • Are Race/Class combos with new racial abilities.
  • However, only 1st class level is forced to take in this creation process. So, they can either;
    • take a predefined path,
    • or customize their levels,
    • or reject training to train normally in a public instance (including multiclassing options), to level 15.
  • Receive their own set of starter equipment.
  • Can travel between Forgotten Realms and Eberron from the character selection screen, without purchasing the Hall of Heroes Passport account upgrade.

Four Iconic Hero options are planned to be released, the first already available for those who pre-order the expansion.

Summary of the Iconic Races:

Race First Class Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma Racial Ability Enhancement
Bladeforged Paladin 8-18 6-16 10-20 8-18 6-16 8-18 Constitution +2
Sun Elf (Morninglord) Cleric 8-18 8-18 6-16 10-20 8-18 8-18 Intelligence +2
Purple Dragon Knight Fighter 8-18 8-18 8-18 8-18 8-18 8-18 +1 stat of your choice and +1 of a different stat of your choice
Shadar-kai Rogue 8-18 10-20 8-18 8-18 8-18 6-16 +1 stat of one from Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom.


  • Heroic True Reincarnation:
    • Heroic True Reincarnation is not available for characters currently on an Iconic life.
  • Iconic True Reincarnation:
    • Iconic True Reincarnation is only available for characters currently on an Iconic life.
    • You must be at the level cap (level 30) to Iconic True Reincarnate.
  • Epic Reincarnation:
    • Epic Reincarnation is available to Iconic characters.
    • You must be at the level cap (level 30) to Epic Reincarnate.
  • Lesser Reincarnation:
    • Iconic characters can remove their first given class with a +1 or better Lesser Heart of Wood. This MUST be done at character creation, by selecting a non-Iconic race. You will retain the appearance of an Iconic Hero, however you will no longer physically be one.

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