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Location of Wheloon in Cormyr, as seen on in-game map

Wheloon, as seen in DDO, is a prison city in Cormyr. The city is now a magically walled prison and infested by Shar worshipers, along with other criminals and even innocent natives. This setting is based on post-Spellplague era of 4th edition Forgotten Realms.

See FR wiki entry for more details and the city's entire history in PnP settings.

In terms of "prison city" concept, exactly the same idea was seen before in John Carpenter’s 1981 cult classic "Escape from New York" (Wikipedia) and 1996 remake "Escape from L.A." (Wikipedia). In fact developers have put in references to the film (see References in DDO for details **work in progress**).

Wheloon Docks[edit]

The Wheloon docks were once a thriving river port. Now the town's waterfront serves as the entryway to the famed, feared Wheloon Prison.

Accessible from the northern part of Eveningstar.

Notable NPC

  • Givers of the story arc Shadow Over Wheloon
    • Davny Selkin - Heroic version (level 16)
    • Edric Crastmere - Epic version (level 26)
  • Teleportation NPC
    • Karie Leddle - she can teleport you to the Harvest Hall within Wheloon Prison
    • Darovic Cholney - after completing the story arc, he can teleport you to the entrance of Through a Mirror Darkly within Wheloon Prison

The Ball and Chain Tavern

  • Bind point
  • Tavernkeep and barmaid

Wheloon Prison[edit]

This is a Level 15 Heroic/Level 25 Epic wilderness adventure area. Accessible from the Dock. See the article for details.

Shadow Over Wheloon[edit]

This is the main story arc takes place in this city. See the article for quests included and its details.