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Will o' Wisp race

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A typical Will o' Wisp

Will-o'-Wisps are Aberration type monsters. They are often found in groups in wild, untamed areas.


Will-o’-wisps can be yellow, white, green, or blue. They are easily mistaken for lanterns, especially in the foggy marshes and swamps where they reside. A will-o’-wisp’s body is a globe of spongy material about 1 foot across and weighing about 3 pounds, and its glowing body sheds as much light as a torch.

Will-o’-wisps speak Common and Auran. They have no vocal apparatus but can vibrate to create a voice with a ghostly sound.



Known spells can include:


  • Immunity to Magic - A will-o’-wisp is immune to most spells or spell-like abilities that allow spell resistance, except spells which deal force damage (which they are vulnerable to). Due to DDO's special ruling for damage spells that allows them to ignore all SR checks, they also work on creatures with immunity to magic, though only at half strength.
  • Immunity to Acid, Electricity, and Poison
  • 50% Cold Fire, Light and Sonic Absorption
  • 10-25% vulnerability to Force
  • Infinite Spell Resistance


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