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DDO Point icon.png Requires access to adventure pack: Menace of the Underdark
Sschindylryn map - Spoilers!
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The Drow city of Sschindylryn is known as the City of Portals. The only way in or out of the city's cavern is by using the magical gateways.

Sschindylryn is another level 22 wilderness adventure area, allowing characters from levels 20 to 26 to get full experience. It is a drow city found deep within the Underdark.

To access this area, running through the Underdark and finding the portal gate to Sschindylryn is required. You must go through this gate at least once; this will unlock a portal in the Eveningstar Cavern for easy access to Sschindylryn.


In addition to the Rare Encounter / Slayer / Explorer missions typical to all wilderness adventure areas, the following quests can be found in this zone:

There are four quests to be completed at the various Drow Houses. The storyline takes you back to Eveningstar after each quest, so that you can collect your end reward. The chain end reward offers possible named items. Once The Portal Opens is complete, The Demonweb becomes accessible through the Eveningstar Cavern portal.

Rare Encounters[edit]

Inhabitants of the City of Portals[edit]

XP per encounter: 3,750 Bonus XP for solving all encounters: 15,000


The Children of Lolth[edit]

  • Slay 10 eight-legged Children of Lolth: 2,775 XP = 277.5 xp/kill
  • Slay 25 eight-legged Children of Lolth: 3,735 XP = 249 xp/kill
  • Slay 50 eight-legged Children of Lolth: 5,025 XP = 201 xp/kill
  • Slay 100 eight-legged Children of Lolth: 7,311 XP = 146.22 xp/kill
  • Slay 200 eight-legged Children of Lolth: 11,460 XP = 114.6 xp/kill
  • Slay 400 eight-legged Children of Lolth: 19,560 XP = 97.8 xp/kill
  • Slay 750 eight-legged Children of Lolth: 32,310 XP = 92.31 xp/kill
  • Slay 1,500 eight-legged Children of Lolth: 66,216 XP = 88.29 xp/kill
  • Slay 3,000 eight-legged Children of Lolth: 133,140 XP = 88.76 xp/kill

The Drow of Sschindylryn[edit]

  • Slay 10 Drow of Sschindylryn: 2,775 XP = 277.5 xp/kill
  • Slay 25 Drow of Sschindylryn: 3,735 XP = 249 xp/kill
  • Slay 50 Drow of Sschindylryn: 5,025 XP = 201 xp/kill
  • Slay 100 Drow of Sschindylryn: 7,311 XP = 146.22 xp/kill
  • Slay 200 Drow of Sschindylryn: 11,460 XP = 114.6 xp/kill
  • Slay 400 Drow of Sschindylryn: 19,560 XP = 97.8 xp/kill
  • Slay 750 Drow of Sschindylryn: 32,310 XP = 92.31 xp/kill
  • Slay 1,500 Drow of Sschindylryn: 66,216 XP = 88.29 xp/kill
  • Slay 3,000 Drow of Sschindylryn: 133,140 XP = 88.76 xp/kill


Journal: High Priestess' Missives[edit]

Each journal (works similar to Explorer points) is worth 1,875 XP, the bonus for finding all of them is 11,250 XP. Note that there are two Missive #5s; finding the second one doesn't give you any XP.

  • Find High Priestess' Missive 1
    • The Spider Queen will spin a new Weave and take Mystra's vacant seat as god of magic. We will be Lolth's tools when she forges her destiny
  • Find High Priestess' Missive 2
    • All of Sschindylryn heed these orders. Her Dark Eminence commands us to find the Thread of the Weave. Seek this Thread throughout Cormyr. Do not rest until it is found.
  • Find High Priestess' Missive 3
    • Matron Balbaste of House Avithoul - You may take those captured in Cormyr for your slave pits. If you deem them too weak for even that, save their choicest parts for sacrifice to our Queen. Set aside a few strong ones as well. It is fit that we offer Lolth. (scroll text ends here) quality sacrifice in addition to quantity.
  • Find High Priestess' Missive 4
    • All Drow of Sschindylryn must search for the Thread of the Weave. Lolth will not tolerate further delay. Those not seeking the Thread should attack the weak surface-dwellers in Faerûn. The Demonweb itself will take care of Eberron.
  • Find High Priestess' Missive 5
    • Jyr Dun'Robar - None equals House Avithoul when it comes to the slave trade. Let your warriors gather the slaves. But you may not keep them for yourself. These slaves are given unto Lolth, not your House. Avithoul will know how to use them best.
  • Find High Priestess' Missive 6
    • I do not care for your tone Matron Balbeste Avithoul, but since time is short I will overlook your insult. It is the pitful land-dwellers that we should focus our magic on, not each other's house-slaves. Drow men have their charms, but do not waste magic on compelling them when an order will do. You are a Matron Mother! Act like one.
  • Find High Priestess' Missive 7
    • Your matron may be the eldest among our allied Houses, but surely even you can see that fighting over the spoils of our victories on the surface dishonors us all? We can decide who gets what land and magical artifacts later. Avithoul will get its share, of that you can have no doubt.
  • Find High Priestess' Missive 8
    • Search the noble's quarters for the traitor. Everything taken from the War Wizards belongs to Lolth, surely you would not attempt to take what is hers for yourself? If Dun'Robar cannot keep its men in check, Szind will take over these duties.
  • Find High Priestess' Missive 9
    • If the "help" from Sparskrael fail to live up to their bargain, kill them. Our alliance has no use for those who cannot follow through. Yet, House Sparskrael will not tolerate any of their number being added to Avithoul's slave-pits, so make sure they are stripped of their markings and made mute if necessary.
  • Find High Priestess' Missive 10
    • Your suggestion is a sound one, lady Dhanae, you do House Szind proud. Please keep this knowledge secret for now. We wouldn't want to give our Dun'Robar friends any advice that could raise their status in Lolth's eyes. They may have larger number, (scroll text end here) but your suggestion proves that intelligence is greater than numerical strength.
  • Find High Priestess' Missive 11
    • The Menzoberranzan dogs are not worth our time. We will achieve more for Queen Lolth than they ever will. When we rule Cormyr, and its occupants are our slaves, there will come a time to settle old debts.
  • Find High Priestess' Missive 12
    • If you House's wizards are not up to the task, say the word, and ours will provide assistance. We both know House Szind is superior in matters of magic. Your house exceeds in hand-to-hand combat - even I will admit that. If we should need sword- (scroll text ends here) wielding brutes for some reason, we will call upon your house.
  • Find High Priestess' Missive 13
    • There is none greater than Lolth. Our disputes are nothing compared to her demands. Warriors of Dun'Robar, Slavers of Avithoul, work with us in Szind and Lolth's plans will be achieved.
  • Find High Priestess' Missive 14
    • Remember that above all we serve our Queen. Your petty politics hurt her plans. Would you have me tell her what you said? I already know the answer - anyone would fear to even speak such words within her hearing. There will be a day when we address this again, but now is not the time.
  • Find High Priestess' Missive 15
    • It is Lolth's will that you gather the slaves and sacrifice them at the temple. We honor her with blood and fire. Many will die in her name. It will be glorious.
  • Find High Priestess' Missive 16
    • Shift some of our trading caravans to carry war supplies to our armies in Cormyr. If House Cay'Vorim cannot go without their shipments, tell them to do more to follow Lolth's command. Then we'll see about freeing up these caravans again.
  • Find High Priestess' Missive 17
    • Just as Sschindylryn was built on ruins, so shall our empire be built on the ruins of the weak cities of Cormyr. I look forward to seeing your plans. I can already imagine great trenches full of slaves -- grand towers touching eternally-darkened skies.
  • Find High Priestess' Missive 18
    • Direct a few garrisons from Dun'Robar to the caves, if these intruders are causing as much trouble as you say. Surely these adventurers from the other world can be crushed as easily as the weak surface-dwellers of Faerûn.
  • Find High Priestess' Missive 19
    • Send a few captives from the other world to our diviners in Szind. See what we can glean from their minds, then throw their bodies into the depths of the lake. If you think they would better serve Lolth as slaves, send them to Avithoul instead.
  • Find High Priestess' Missive 20
    • There must be no break in the fight. The time for rest will come once all of Cormyr has been crushed. We must not fail to Lolth's bidding, and she cares not for delay.
  • Find High Priestess' Missive 21
    • Bah! Is not House Dun'Robar a home for warriors? How could you be crushed so easily by these intruders? They cannot be more powerful than the weak people of Cormyr! They are surface-dwellers, after all. We are Drow! Your loss brings shame to us all.
  • Find High Priestess' Missive 22
    • Our Goddess commands the pace to increase. Make sure no slaves remain in their quarters; all must work for our dark Queen Lolth. Food and rest is not a necessary expense. If they fall, replace them with those captured in Cormyr
  • Find High Priestess' Missive 23
    • If needed, Szind or Dun'Robar will assist you. Not to coddle you, but to honor the Spider Queen. House Ebsar will face Lolth's wrath in time. Their unwillingness to help will cause them infinite pain in the future, I assure you.
  • Find High Priestess' Missive 24
    • (blank textbox) The idea of using elemental forces to move a vehicle is not one I had considered before. Your prisoner calls these things airships, you say? Investigate this further when time permits.


Name ( picture ) CR Type Race Slayer
Acolyte of Lolth( view
Acolyte of Lolth.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦23Epic Normal ♥27Epic Hard ♠26Epic Elite Elf Drow Elf The Drow of Sschindylryn
Alakinyon Ken'viir( view
Alakinyon Ken'viir.png
 • edit )
 ♦24Epic Normal Elf Drow Elf The Drow of Sschildylryn
Avithoul Sentry( view
Avithoul Sentry.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦20Epic Normal Elf Drow Elf The Drow of Sschindylryn
Blademaster( view
 • edit )
 ♦23Epic Normal ♥28Epic Hard ♠26Epic Elite Elf Drow Elf The Drow of Sschindylryn
Collared Purple Dragon Knight( view
Collared Purple Dragon Knight.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦22Epic Normal ♥26Epic Hard ♠42Epic Elite Humanoid Human -
Collared Slave( view
Collared Slave.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦19Epic Normal ♠23Epic Elite Elf Drow Elf The Drow of Sschildylryn
Collared Villager( view
Collared Villager.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦15Epic Normal ♥17Epic Hard ♠26Epic Elite Humanoid Human -
Deathjump Spider( view
Deathjump Spider.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦16Normal ♥19Hard ♠23Elite ♦21Epic Normal ♥26Epic Hard ♠25Epic Elite Vermin Spider The Children of Lolth
Drider( view
 • edit )
 ♦23Epic Normal ♥27Epic Hard ♠26Epic Elite Aberration Drider The Children of Lolth
Drow Commoner( view
Drow Commoner.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦16Epic Normal Elf Drow Elf The Drow of Sschindylryn
Drow Zombie( view
Drow Zombie.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦22Epic Normal ♥23Epic Hard Undead Zombie The Drow of Sschindylryn
Dun'Robar Warrior( view
Dun'Robar Warrior.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦22Epic Normal ♥27Epic Hard ♠42Epic Elite Elf Drow Elf The Drow of Sschindylryn
Enrhiikuz( view
 • edit )
 ♦24Epic Normal Aberration Mind Flayer -
Garen'thir Szind( view
Garen'thir Szind.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦24Epic Normal Aberration Drider The Drow of Sschindylryn
Guard( view
 • edit )
 ♦22Epic Normal ♥27Epic Hard ♠26Epic Elite Elf Drow Elf The Drow of Sschindylryn
Harrower( view
 • edit )
 ♦20Epic Normal Vermin Spider The Children of Lolth
Master Wizard( view
Master Wizard.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦23Epic Normal ♥28Epic Hard ♠26Epic Elite Elf Drow Elf The Drow of Sschindylryn
Necromancer (drow)( view
 • edit )
 ♦23Epic Normal ♠26Epic Elite Elf Drow Elf The Drow of Sschindylryn
Orgallryd Avithoul( view
Orgallryd Avithoul.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦24Epic Normal Elf Drow Elf The Drow of Sschindylryn
Quickblade( view
 • edit )
 ♦22Epic Normal ♥27Epic Hard Elf Drow Elf The Drow of Sschindylryn
Slavemaster( view
 • edit )
 ♦23Epic Normal Elf Drow Elf The Drow of Sschildylryn
Soldiirn Dun'Robar( view
Soldiirn Dun'Robar.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦24Epic Normal Elf Drow Elf The Drow of Sschindylryn
Szind Sentry( view
Szind Sentry.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦20Epic Normal ♥25Epic Hard ♠20Epic Elite Elf Drow Elf The Drow of Sschindylryn
Tras'ekhan( view
 • edit )
 ♦24Epic Normal Evil Outsider Demon The Children of Lolth
Undead Necromancer( view
Undead Necromancer.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦23Epic Normal ♥27Epic Hard ♠26Epic Elite Undead Zombie The Drow of Sschildylryn
Underdark Assassin( view
Underdark Assassin.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦22Epic Normal ♠42Epic Elite Elf Drow Elf The Drow of Sschindylryn
Waeraste Torduis( view
Waeraste Torduis.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦24Epic Normal Elf Drow Elf The Drow of Sschindylryn
Yan'thryis( view
 • edit )
 ♦24Epic Normal Aberration Drider The Children of Lolth

Monsters in the zone not found on the rare encounters list.
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The Children of Lolth[edit]

The Drow of Sschindylryn[edit]

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