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Missile Deflection

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The following mechanics have been introduced with Update 37:

  • Missile Deflection: This grants a chance to have Missiles or Eldritch Blasts miss you.
  • Deflection Bypass: This grants a chance to bypass an enemies Missile Deflection.

Character sheet[edit]

The two statistics are displayed on the character sheet:

  • When you hover over your AC score, missile deflection is mentioned below dodge
  • When you hover over your Attack Bonuses, bypass deflection is listed below attack speed

Sources of Missile Deflection[edit]

Dev introducing the mechanics[edit]

Originally Posted by (executive producer) Severlin Source

Deflection can be used on gear to give a thematic protection against missiles without needing the heavily scripted current Missile Deflection feats. It scales better than adding another Missile Deflection with its own cooldown, and doesn't have the problem where its usefulness drops off against lots of enemies. The existing feats and enhancements haven't changed from their current implementation.

No enemies in the game, including Ravenloft enemies, have any Deflection.

Yes, we could use this in a raid or dungeon encounter to make melee DPS more valuable, but this isn't a stat we plan to add to regular enemies.