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Joined DDO as F2P in Dec of '11, took a long break sometime latter half of '13 (just before u 19!*), back again midwinter of '15-16, relearning game (and rebuilding alts) after all the intervening update tweaks.

(* When I left, the "new" Enhancement trees were just a disturbing rumour from Lamannia, and everyone was bemoaning the character changes coming. Despite those prophecies of doom and gloom, game seemed to work out all right.)

Premium player mainly on Thelanis, with Heroic characters on Ghallanda, Argonessen and Orien, and w/ misc. openers on all.

Around '05, I was co-Admin for the Dwarf Fortress Wiki for several years, and now am only slowly remembering my Wiki-fu. (My primary contribution was/is organization, writing, and formatting for clarity, rather than the higher-level coding, which I left to others.)

4,500 edits and counting!
Monster Vampire.jpg
Time for Ascension is near! Grab the reins of ultimate power!

C-Hound has 2,500 or more edits - can you make 5,000?

Editing typos and adding redirects is important, but my main ability to contribute lies as an actual "editor", in making articles "better", more readable and user-friendly. Re-designing a page may take an hour or several days, but still shows as "+1 edit" - quality over quantity. A few of my created pages and more major page (re-)formats;

Wiki code & stuff[edit]

(NOTE [single brackets], space after URL -> Text.)
  • <!-- HIDDEN COMMENT (for future editors' eyes only) -->
  • <mark style="background:#98FB98;">Highlight Color for Text</mark>
Sim for an entire cell in a table
| style="background: #FFD700;text-align:center;"|FFD700 is bright yellow

<div style="background-color:#D0D0D0;"> <!-- (This color determines background - here, "light grey") -->

...(text here)...

<div style="background-color:#FFFFFF;"> <!-- (This turns the rest of the page, below, back to the preferred background color (the "FFFFFF" would be for "white") -->

This code...


  • Multiple
  • Columns


  • of Bullet
  • Points

  • Multiple
  • Columns
  • of Bullet
  • Points

  • Link to Category = [[:Category:etc | link text ]]


  • Forum Link to ( Item With Green Border ) = ( {{Forums|p=5781527|Item With Green Border}} ) <!- extra spaces unnecessary, included for clarity only->
...also... ({{ Forums | Item With Green Border }}) or {{ Ref | 1={{ Forums | p=4975101 }} & DDO Forums }} {{[[Template:DDO Forums & DDO Forums|DDO Forums & DDO Forums]]}}

K {{ Key press | K }}

  • {{Help improve}}
  • {{verify}}needs verification
  • {{ Bug | Bug info goes here }}
  • Suggested Article Rename/Renaming: {{rename|to=NewNameHere}} (w/ reasoning in /Talk page)
  • {{Tl}} - template link - |nested=true if nesting them.