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Syranian Forged Weaponry

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Syranian Forged Weaponry is a series of weapons released with Update 42 Masterminds of Sharn. Players can craft these weapons using Alchemical Crafting / Nearly Finished crafting system by speaking to Rayne Cloud in the City of Sharn Docks district near the crafting stations.

The series has a Heroic (ML15) and Legendary (ML29) version. The weapons are Bound to Account on AcquireIcon tooltip.pngBound to Account on Acquire: This item is Bound to Account on Acquire.

Heroic (ML15) Enchantments
Legendary (ML29) Enchantments

Cosmetic appearances: DDO Forums

Weapon list

Cost after Update 42 Patch 1[edit]

Patch 1 reduced the cost of many recipes.

Each Syranian item requires:

Breakdown of Parts[edit]

Caustic Compounds require:

Dampening Alloys require:

Energizing Alloys require:

Stabilising Compounds require:

To make the above ingredients:

Reforged Dense Ingots require:

Reforged Glowing Ingots require:

Reforged Metallic Ingots require:

Reforged Pliable Ingots require:

Total Cost[edit]

  • Iron Defender Claws 30
  • Iron Defender Rivets 40
  • Magefire Cannon Cores 30
  • Magefire Cannon Parts 40
  • Shield Guardian Cores 45
  • Shield Guardian Gyroscopes 45
  • Worker Drone Actuators 45
  • Worker Drone Platings 45

Grand Total 320 (DDO Forums)

Crafting Sequence[edit]

Stage 1:

  • 4 Reforged Metallic Ingot
  • 4 Reforged Dense Ingot
  • 3 Reforged Pliable Ingot
  • 3 Reforged Glowing Ingot

Stage 2:

  • 2 Energizing Alloy
  • 2 Dampening Alloy

Stage 3:

  • 1 Caustic Compound
  • 1 Stabilizing Compound

Stage 4:

Original cost[edit]

Upon launch of the expansion, recipes for new crafting were quite expensive.

Originally Posted by Lynnabel Source on May 15, 2019

WOW, yeah, there's absolutely an order of magnitude problem happening here (an extra 0 or two in a few places, looks like, my mistake). We'll kick the recipes to where they should be (it'll be a very large reduction) for an upcoming patch.

Heroic and Legendary costs are the same.

New Cannith parts:

  • 910 Worker Drone Actuators
  • 810 Worker Drone Platings
  • 455 Shield Guardian Cores
  • 405 Shield Guardian Gyroscopes

Old Cannith parts:

  • 450 Iron Defender Rivets
  • 350 Iron Defender Claws
  • 450 Magefire Cannon Parts
  • 350 Magefire Cannon Cores