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Avatar of Nature
Earth Elemental

Some characters can gain the ability to transform their bodies to a different form and shape. They might lose some of the benefits and penalties of their former bodies and gain benefits and penalties of their new form.


To activate a transformation, you usually have to drag the ability (feat or enhancement or epic destiny ability) to your hotbar and click it.

You can be only in one shape at the same time. You cannot gain the benefits of multiple forms at once.


  • Cosmetic: Your avatar changes looks. Your body either changes completely or changes texture and/or gains a shiny/sinister aura.
  • Lose old racial traits: You may lose some racial abilities. For example (IIRC) undead dwarves lose familiarity with racial weapons.
  • Gain new racial traits: You gain some of the traits of the new race. For example, undead forms grant fortification.
  • Impact on healing: Warforged in flesh forms lose the ability to heal with repair spells. Anyone in undead form can heal using negative energy.

List of transformations (major forms)[edit]

Druid Wild Shape
  • Animal: Wolf or Bear
  • Magical beast: Winter Wolf or Dire Bear
  • Elemental: Water Elemental or Fire Elemental
  • Elemental forms available in each of the savant capstone abilities
  • Divine Form: Fallen
  • Divine Form: Protector
Scourge of the Undead
  • Divine Form: Scourge
Cursed Blade of Jack Jibbers
  • Cursed Wraith form
Primal Avatar

Non-exclusive forms[edit]

Some transformation effects are not 100% transformation and can be combined. DDO Forums

Exalted Angel
Reincarnate (spell)
Construct Exemplar