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Lord Harryhausen

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Lord Harryhausen.jpg

Type: Undead (List)

Race: Skeleton (List)

Sub-race: Giant Skeleton (List)

Monster Manual classification: Skeleton

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Rare: No

Organization: Usually Solitary

CR: Challenge Level +2

Attack: Mace (Bludgeoning + Knockback[UnverifiedIcon tooltip.png" + Knockback" has not been verified in-game. Please verify it!]), Rock Throwing (ranged, Bludgeoning), Stomp (Bludgeoning + Knockdown)[UnverifiedIcon tooltip.png"Stomp (Bludgeoning + Knockdown)" has not been verified in-game. Please verify it!]

Special Qualities: Undead Traits

Habitat: Resurrection Chamber — as part of The Night Revels starting in October 2018.

Description: Giant Skeletons are creatures that were once Giants, such as you would encounter in the Gianthold area, that have now been brought back as undead. As such they have both Giant and Undead traits. They are treated as undead for the purpose of Bane weapons, and positive and negative energy effects; however they are still treated as Giants as far as they have the same wards and immunities that regular Giants have.