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Item:Collapsed Portable Hole

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description box
quest reward list with a Collapsed Portable Hole

A Collapsed Portable Hole (aka "Portable Hole") is an item that is not immediately useful by itself, but can be converted into an additional inventory tab (with 20 slots) in your backpack. This requires first earning 150 Coin Lord favor (at which time the character will receive an automatic mail notification), then talking to Coin Lord Patron Montague Goudreau, and finally speaking to Ryo Silverbrow to exchange the Collapsed Portable Hole for the Inventory slot.

This can only be done once per character life, costs an additional "100,000 gold" (10,000 platinum), and does not last through True Reincarnation. The item is consumed in this process, and the process cannot be reversed.

Multiple Collapsed Portable Holes stack in inventory and bank (max stack: 20).

Portable Holes can be acquired in several different ways:

  • Can be acquired as a rare random chest loot/quest end reward (starting in quests ~around~ equivalent Level 8).
  • Can be obtained from the end reward list of the chain War of the Archons, with a significantly higher drop chance every third completion.
  • 6 Astral Shards (for 5th pack slot, platinum cost included - see "Value", below)


A Collapsed Portable Hole has only one use, to give that extra backpack space (once per life) to a character. Ryo Silverbow will charge 10,000 pp (plus the Collapsed Portable Hole) to do this - what those 20 slots are worth in platinum is up to the player.

However, Silverbow will also accept 6 Astral Shards and NOT ask for a portable hole or any platinum! That is, if you are willing to spend 6 AS, you get a 5th pack slot, the "installed" Collapsed Portable Hole is included in that price. Collapsed Portable Holes are often found on the Shard Exchange for varying amounts, but there is no reason to pay over 5 AS for one there.

Likewise, while selling a Collapsed Portable Hole in the Auction House can often fetch a good price in platinum, they rarely sell for over the minimum 3-4 AS on the Shard Exchange. If a player has a feel for what the equivalent of "3-4 AS" is on the AH, they can ballpark a platinum value from that.

Finally, before buying or selling a Collapsed Portable Hole, or purchasing the requisite inventory upgrade using either payment option, on a character they later intend to reincarnate, a player may want to bear in mind that any reincarnation that resets favor (True, Racial or Iconic) will also reset the inventory upgrade, and that they will need another Collapsed Portable Hole or six Astral Shards to unlock it again.