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Looting is the action of taking items off of monsters ingame after you kill them, or otherwise receiving recompense from the quest other than the reward offered by the questgiver. Unlike most MMO's, in DDO most monsters do not actually drop loot. Instead most loot is gained from treasure chests.

Chest level[edit]

Chest level affects the minimum level of any randomly generated loot that appears in that chest, and is usually equal to the quest's Normal CR, -1 on Casual, +1 on Hard, +2 on Elite, +any current global or personal loot boosts. Some chests are special and can have higher or lower level loot than indicated by quest level. "Ransacking" a chest (i.e. looting it too many times in too short a period of time), will decrease the loot level.

According to the Update 29 Release Notes, treasure tables went up to chest level 40 between 2015 and 2022. There was some discussion during 2015 and 2016 about whether the system was working properly at high levels, such as in this thread - in May 2016, fixes to the top end of the system were announced in this thread. Although it seems probable, it is unclear whether the loot level cap was raised along with the level cap in Update 55, and if so what it currently sits at.[UnverifiedIcon tooltip.png"Although it seems probable, it is unclear whether the loot level cap was raised along with the level cap in Update 55, and if so what it currently sits at." has not been verified in-game. Please verify it!]

The expected coin drop is directly related to chest level.

As of Update 30, a "particularly lucky" loot roll causes a chest to glow blue. Nowhere is it indicated what constitutes "particularly lucky" - 91+ or 96+ seem like good potential candidates.


With Update 16 all breakables can now drop a wider variety of items, including equipment. (Common: Money, Gems. Uncommon: Potions, etc. Rare: Items. Very Rare: Tomes)


Chests in Challenges used to be capped at CR 25 (Feather of Sun in Aug 2013). Sometime in 2022 or earlier, this cap was removed. As a result, the highest level the Night Revels chests were reported to drop exceptionally high quality loot (e.g., +16 ability scores, +7 insightful) (DDO Forums).

Loot boost[edit]

Increasing the odds of finding named loot[edit]

  • Elixir of Discovery
  • Also, playing on higher difficulty usually increases your chances
  • Also, see below for information about rerolling chests
Originally Posted by (executive producer) Severlin Source on April 25, 2018

The general numbers we’ve used for getting the Named Loot Table in the last few years’ worth of updates:

  • Normal/Epic Normal: 10%
  • Hard/Epic Hard: 16%
  • Elite/Epic Elite: 33%

Reaper boosts Elite’s numbers by 1% per skull, I believe.

The potions directly add to those numbers, so a 5% potion would push each of those up by 5.

Increasing the loot quality[edit]

  • Treasure Hunter's Elixirs don't modify your loot level, but instead increase your chance of finding maximum effects for the given level. (Master Craftsmanship)
  • Elixir of Hidden Potential increases the odds for an extra ability (Augment, combined abilities, and/or an extra affix).

Increasing the level of random loot[edit]

The following effects only affect the level of loot for the player who has the effect when they open the chest. It does not affect the level of loot for anyone else in the group.

Loot boost for everyone

Treasure Finding might actually reduce loot level.[UnverifiedIcon tooltip.png"Treasure Finding might actually reduce loot level." has not been verified in-game. Please verify it!] September 2017

Re-rolling chests[edit]

Since Update 19 it is possible to change the content of a non-raid chest for you by clicking the "Re-roll Loot" button. You can use this function up to three times per chest. You cannot use it if you have already looted something from the chest, or if another player passed an item to you in the chest.

While the act of re-rolling does not count towards ransack penalty, you will continue to accrue ransack as you normally would for repeated runs. Re-rolling a ransacked chest will result in the loot quality of the re-roll being equivalent to the standard chest ransack thresholds. U19, Introducing Chest Reroll

Re-rolling chest content costs Astral Shards. The amount depends on the level of the chest (taking into account also any active loot bonuses, such as global loot bonuses or Jewels of Fortune.) The cost is roughly equal to quest level / 2. Only your loot is affected, not that of other players.

Options / rewards based on player class[edit]

On quest end reward lists that are entirely random, and have no chance of any named or special items appearing (including crafting ingredients such as from Necropolis or The Vale of Twilight), if the Class-Based End Rewards option is checked on, it will restrict the base type of the items that appear to specific types based on your class.

It has no function on any reward lists that can include any named items or special ingredients (nor does it affect chest loot), and it does not restrict the effects that can appear on an item - only what types of items you'll see.

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