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Ghostly Skeleton

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Ghostly Skeletons.jpg

Type: Undead (List)

Race: Skeleton (List)

Monster Manual classification: Skeleton

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Rare: No

Organization: Usually several at once

CR:  ♦4Normal ♥6Hard ♠8Elite ♦27Epic Normal ♥31Epic Hard

Attack: Slashing (Longsword)

Special Qualities: Immune to Cold, Damage Reduction 100/Good* - See the note below


Description: Despite their name, Ghost Touch weapons have no effect on them as they aren't incorporeal creatures. Also, even though they appear to be skeletons, they lack any amount of DR/Bludgeon. Elemental and Disruption damage from weapons works well against these, as do Holy or Pure Good weapons as they will bypass the DR and deal extra damage (Flametouched weapons will bypass the DR, but not intrinsically do extra damage).

If you haven't a weapon available, Colam Mersein, an NPC inside the graveyard, offers you Club of the Holy Flame as he grants you the quest The Missing Party, part 2 of the Delera's Tomb story arc. While very weak (it's a -1 weapon), the club will bypass the skeleton's damage reduction and as such will often be better than anything else you may have, should you lack weapons that bypass Good DR.

Damage Reduction

Note: Damage reduction scaling will be in effect here in Delera's Tomb as long as you aren't running on Elite difficulty. This means that even though these skeletons have far more damage reduction than the average player could ever overcome, you will still be able to deal some damage on non-elite difficulties without good aligned weaponry. See the Damage Reduction article and Talk:Ghostly Skeleton for more details on how this functions.

So if you lack good aligned weaponry the Ghostly Skeleton' DR is always DR100/Good but special lenience rules apply:

  • Casual & Normal: 50% weapon damage reduction listed as DR/good up to 100.
  • Hard: 75% weapon damage reduction listed as DR/good up to 100.
  • Elite: True DR 100/Good, no lenience, so get a weapon with good breaking.