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Dream Scourge sub-race

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Fire Shadow, Acid Shadow, and Cold Shadow


Quori Shadows are Evil Outsider type monsters.




Type Vulnerable to Elemental DR Healed by
Fire Cold Acid Electric Fire
Cold Fire Acid Electric Cold
Acid Electric Fire Cold Acid
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About 42 AC (normal).
Can be one of three elemental subtypes: fire, cold, acid.
Is healed by their elemental subtype, takes double damage from their opposing element, and 50% damage from the elemental types that aren't directly similar
(Fire subtypes would be healed from fire 100%, take 200% cold damage, and take 50% damage from electric and acid).
If you are with a monk that took the Path of Inevitable Dominion their elemental strikes can completely negate their ability to heal from an element and instead be damaged by it
(Winter's Touch will make a Cold Version Dream Scourge take cold damage instead of being healed by cold).
50% semi-incorporeal (can be critically hit, but not sneak attacked, immune to web).
Not made of flesh (immune to flesh to stone).
Floating (immune to slippery surfaces, trip, and knockdown).
Range attack deals physical and elemental damage, elemental damage determined on assumed elemental subtype (fire, cold, acid).
Has DR 5/Good or Crystal.
Has a non-ability STR, so they can't be made helpless from a lack of STR as they don't possess any.
However, a summoned shadow that touches a Dream Scourge will automatically kill a Dream Scourge (if not red-named).

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