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Concealment in DDO refers to Concealment Miss Chance

A Concealment Miss Chance gives the subject of a successful attack (as determined by an attack roll against the target's Armor class) a % chance for the attack to miss. If the attacker hits, the defender must make a miss chance percentile roll to avoid being struck. Multiple concealment bonuses of the same type do not stack, and currently every single one is considered the same bonus type - enhancement.

Incorporeal and Dodge provide separate miss chances.


Enhancement bonuses to personal concealment are provided by[edit]

Note: All of these sources can be negated by True Seeing (spell)

  • Item effect: Dusk. 10% enhancement bonus to concealment.
  • Item effect: Smoke Screen. 20% enhancement bonus to concealment.
  • Item effect: Blurry. 20% enhancement bonus to concealment.
  • Monk finishing move: Dance of Clouds: 20% enhancement bonus to concealment. Works on friendly NPCs.
  • Spell: Blur. 20% enhancement bonus to concealment.
  • Item effect: Lesser Displacement. 25% enhancement bonus to concealment.
  • Spell: Shadow Walk. 50% enhancement bonus to concealment (lost if you interact/fight).
  • Spell: Displacement. 50% enhancement bonus to concealment.

Enhancement bonuses to everyone's concealment in a localized area are provided by[edit]

Unlike the other above sources, none of these are negated by the True Seeing (spell).