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Concealment in DDO refers to Concealment Miss Chance

It is one of the three major Miss chance checks in game, along with Incorporeal and Dodge, that can occur during an attack if the conditions for its occurance is met.

Concealment comes in two forms:

  • A beneficial form that is applied to players and allies, through equipped items or effects, that forces enemy attacks on the beneficiary to include a check for Concealment Miss Chance.
  • An offensive debuff form, that is an effect which is applied to enemies via a negative condition, forcing their attacks to include a check for Concealment on all those they attack whilst the negative condition persists.

When the trigger for Concealment is activated, the attack must pass a roll that is greater than the total amount of Concealment that is protecting the target.

Multiple concealment check bonuses of the same type do not stack, whether beneficial or offensive in nature, only the greatest concealment number applies. Currently every single one is considered the same bonus type - enhancement.


Beneficial Concealment[edit]

Note: All of these sources can be negated by True Seeing (spell)

  • Item effect: Dusk. 10% enhancement bonus to concealment.
  • Item effect: Smoke Screen. 20% enhancement bonus to concealment.
  • Item effect: Blurry. 20% enhancement bonus to concealment.
  • Monk finishing move: Dance of Clouds: 20% enhancement bonus to concealment. Works on friendly NPCs.
  • Spell: Blur. 20% enhancement bonus to concealment.
  • Item effect: Lesser Displacement. 25% enhancement bonus to concealment.
  • Spell: Shadow Walk. 50% enhancement bonus to concealment (lost if you interact/fight).
  • Spell: Displacement. 50% enhancement bonus to concealment.
  • Enhancement: Master Illusionist. 95% enhancement bonus to concealment.

Offensive Concealment[edit]

Unlike the other above sources, none of these are negated by the True Seeing (spell).