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Reaper race

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Reapers look similar to wraiths, but their glowing eyes are distinctive.
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Perhaps the most significant change that comes with Reaper difficulty is the chance to encounter Reapers themselves. Whenever mobs are spawning in a quest, or have been placed as setup for the quest, or from extended combat, there's a chance for spawning additional wraith-like Reapers. Their spawn locations are not always immediately adjacent to the quest mobs, so can be anywhere in the general area, including behind or among party members.

Racial traits[edit]

Reapers possess the following traits:

  • Lawful Evil Outsider (not undead, despite appearance)
  • Incorporeal
  • Permanent Deathblock: Protects against death spells.
  • True Seeing: They see through Invisibility and concealment, such as Blur or Displacement
  • Floating: Cannot be affected by Trip, Grease, Earthquake or other ground attacks.
    • Of particular note, most crowd control works on Reapers normally. Despite looking very similar to wraiths, they do not have resistances that undead usually have and can be controlled by most spell effects except those listed above.

Regular-tier reapers[edit]

Carnage Reaper
  • Deals extremely high melee damage. Even at low levels, Carnage Reapers can often kill targets in one or two hits.
  • Inflicts a vulnerability debuff of 20% more damage. Stacks up to 10 times. As if many are going to last half that long.
  • Likes to engage in melee.
Famine Reaper
  • Casts various high-damage offensive spells, predominantly damage based.
    • e.g. Frost-lance, Magic Missiles
  • Every 10 seconds, gains a stack of Doom Caster: This caster's spells will hit harder and fail less.
  • Affects nearby characters with Reaper: Slowing Touch: The Reaper's touch gnaws at your form, slowing your movement and preventing tumbling. Bestowed automatically when you enter Reaper's melee range for 4 seconds. Combat log: -50% movement, -20 melee speed, -20 ranged speed
  • Will teleport to player if it loses line of sight for long.
Fear Reaper
  • Has an AoE stacking DoT effect, "Fear of Death", that damages all characters anywhere in the quest until the reaper is destroyed.
    • This is activated by a combination of Line of Sight and proximity.
  • Has a radius around him where "Fear of Death" doesn't apply. Anyone within the radius of the fear reaper is safe from the effect.
  • Doesn't like to come close to the players. Usually stays in initial position, but would like to have line of sight.
  • Has a melee attack. Hits hard, but in line with champs.
Plague Reaper
  • Melee. Plague Reapers do similar damage to Fear Reapers but inflict a very strong healing debuff. Attempting to heal the person hit by the plague reaper is not advised unless necessary, as it will often prove unproductive until the debuff wears off.
  • Will teleport if player is too far.

Boss-tier reapers[edit]

Update 42.4 announced additional types of reapers, some of which only appear on "Reaper Skull 5 and above" difficulty. "Doom" Reapers, "Despair" Reapers, and "Vengeance" Reapers have been reported, and additional details will be added once they're confirmed. needs verification

  • At present, none of the specifics below should be considered "confirmed":
Despair Reaper
Orange named
Has a permanent aura circle effect that boosts saving throws.
Has a buff Cloak of Despair: Cloaked in your despair this reaper has great advantage to their saving throws.
Message: "You grow weaker as your enemies grow stronger" (exact meaning of this is unclear)
Decreases the damage of nearby players
Seen in R5.
Doom Reaper
Red named
Binding Chains
Damage-over-Time "Marks of Doom"
Applies a stack of doom on hit, greatly increases damage taken DDO Forums
Vengeance Reaper
Orange named
Reported (separately) as Spellcaster of power (similar to Famine Reaper), and as heavy melee
Spawns blue circles that explode in a few seconds for heavy damage
"Explodes" on death, buffing all enemies around them (they deal greatly increased damage)
Message on buffed enemies: "They Carry My Vengeance - This creature's offense has been greatly increased by Vengeance"

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