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User talk:Ague

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View my Talk Page Archives here[edit]

Yeah, yeah, yeah[edit]

So I know I've been away for a while. Real life caught up to me and basically had to abandon a lot of my projects. Also, I think I've moved to Germany since the last time I edited on here. I used to be in TN. But anyways... Just popping in. Haven't played much DDO the last year or so, so that pretty much makes me the old guy who has a lot of catching up to do. Ague (Contributions⇑ top ⇑) 16:54, January 28, 2014 (EST)

CSS definition order[edit]

  • I created a test environment and did some testing of the css extension.
It seems that the styles injected on the page ( either at the element level or with the css extension ) can not be overwritten by and user means ( User:common.css or User:common.js ).
Are you aware of any method that can be used to isolate css attributes to their respective pages, but still allow users to customize the appearance?
Check out CSS test page, attributes defined on page do not get overwritten by what i've defined in User:Joenuts/common.css. Remove inline attributes and what was defined in joenuts/common.css takes over. Remove what was defined in Joenuts/common.css and mediawiki:common.css takes over.
Joenuts (ContributionsMessage) 14:56, January 29, 2014 (EST)
  • First thing I would do is (temporarily, for testing purposes) change the class names on your test site. the common.css files are likely overwriting the css tags for whatever reason. remember, the purpose of the css tags is to inject css into the head of the document where it's acceptable to define classes. once you do that, you will be able to have a level testing ground. let me know how it goes. Ague (Contributions⇑ top ⇑) 15:48, January 29, 2014 (EST)

Popup Template Discussion[edit]

Please leave your comments and constructive criticism on this project of mine here. Ague (Contributions⇑ top ⇑) 13:25, March 3, 2014 (EST)

  • I actually had started doing a lot of template work on this, and then forgot about it. I was trying to consolidate {{Popup}}, {{Short popup}}, {{Long popup}}, and {{Image popup}} into a single template with a dynamic width based on both the user's resolution and the length of the text. I've looked at your examples, and the one on your project page looks fine but I don't like the transparency one in your sandbox. I'd also like to figure out how to tweak it so that popups tooltips can be nested to a depth of 3-5 (rarely see any need beyond 2-3, but... it is possible I suppose to be needed at some point). I'll add some more ideas on this later... ShoeMaker (Contributions Message) 14:53, March 11, 2014 (EDT)
  • I agree with ShoeMaker; the transparent one doesn't look good, but the other one does. Consolidation of the four popup templates is a good idea. Adding dynamic width per ShoeMaker would be awesome; however, I'm not sure how I would go about that. I'm not concerned too with nesting, but it would be useful. -- Zav (ContributionsMessage) 21:08, March 11, 2014 (EDT)
I commend the effort. I wanted to begin by saying so, because what comes next makes me sound like I dislike what's being done. Not so. Besides, my CSS skills date back to CSS1, I've never had the drive to get up to date. :-) That said, I have three items to point out.
  1. Transparency, as far as I'm concerned, is best when it's faint, otherwise it confounds the eye and slows the reading down. How faint? Unfortunately I can't tell: by speaking with many people about just that, I've found out that's a personal preference. I'd say around 5% to 15% transparent, but I often change my mind depending on the background, and I rarely find myself in agreement with my neighbours. Is there a way to customize it on a personal basis? User-based CSS, I guess?
  2. The popup box text is custom-formatted (I currently see it set in bold inverted colors). I believe that's bad, because it precludes (or at least alters) the editor's ability to format it according to the needs of the individual popup. I suggest keeping extra formatting to a minimum, possibly zero.
  3. Sometimes I only find out popups by chance: when mousing above popup anchors, or even when editing pages. Not this update's fault, obviously, but I'd like to take this occasion to suggest adding a small, always-visible hint (a small pip image like for external links?) to the always-visible page text. Aldyron (ContributionsMessage) 21:44, March 11, 2014 (EDT)
  • Is your popup clickable? Sometimes I want to copy text from popup or click a link on it. Is it possible with your version?--Cru121 (ContributionsMessage) 04:07, March 12, 2014 (EDT)
I'm not sure. I haven't tried that yet. Guess it's time for some more testing. Ague (Contributions⇑ top ⇑) 17:04, March 19, 2014 (EDT)
Why, yes. Yes it is. I'll update the cursor so that when you are hovering over the text, it shows the little "I" icon rather than the pointer finger so people realize that it is clickable/selectable. Ague (Contributions⇑ top ⇑) 17:08, March 19, 2014 (EDT)

There is a slight space between hoverable text and the popup box. If you move your mouse slowly, from the text to the box, the popup box sometimes disappears, because you hit that dead area. --Cru121 (ContributionsMessage) 04:39, April 2, 2014 (EDT)

It seemed to be fine when I tested it in Chrome and FF. I shaved 2 more pixels off the spacing so now there shouldn't be any additional issues. But if you notice any more, please let me know. Ague (Talk · Contribs · Blocks · Deletions · Imports · Patrols · Page Moves · Page Protects · User Merges · User Rights) 15:54, April 2, 2014 (EDT)

Seems fixed. In User:Ague/Projects#Popup, in the section "After", there's an example which is wrong. I have checked the code and it does not use the template, it's directly coded. Perhaps I fell into that trap yesterday and it worked correctly even before, not sure. :/ --Cru121 (ContributionsMessage) 01:04, April 3, 2014 (EDT)

Green Steel project feedback[edit]

Well, after moving what seems like mountains of information around and categorising everything neatly and keeping an eye on what I'm doing so far, I can say that the first two pages are now public and final editions:

I'm now looking for some feedback on them to see if I'm missing some vital method of collating everything or just to make sure this is the wiki vision of straight forward and I'm adhering to it.

Could you take some time to review my plans on my current page, and also take a look at my sandbox showing where I'm at with development etc.

Thanks!! → Agonshar (ContributionsMessage) 16:04, May 6, 2014 (EDT)Agonshar (ContributionsMessage) 16:04, May 6, 2014 (EDT)

Tabs help[edit]

Hey Ague,

Um - help? lol

It looks like I've got my tabs in a muddle when trying to update them to the new CSS style of rounded tabs.

I added the CSS code to my user/common.css file and that seemed to round the tabs when putting the template in the header of each one, however I seem to have lost my Links page and picked up more tabs of your along the way.

My original set of pages:

General Links Sandbox ToDo / Done Characters Projects Talk

How I would like to it to be:

General Talk Links To-Do List Projects Sandbox Player Archives

I'm not too sure where I've gone wrong here at all, I've noticed that my sandbox page exists but when I visit it under the new tabs system it doesn't exist - urmmm?!

Could you point out what it is I'm doing wrong so I understand and can help others in the future please ? Agonshar (ContributionsMessage) 23:34, May 23, 2014 (EDT)

  • first of all, I'm not liking this mobile skin... ok... I'll look at what you've done, but I prob won't be of much help until I get to a real computer... This mobile skin is not the easiest to navigate...
  • Understandable, whenever you have free time that's fine.

mobile skin[edit]

I stumbled upon it the other day as well and am very unimpressed by it.  I'll be looking into where it is coming from and working on fixing it next week.  Feel free to start a discussion about it on AN. ShoeMaker (Contributions  Message) 08:50, May 24, 2014 (EDT)
  • I notice on my Samsung Note 2 the mobile skin shows in the chrome browser - effectively removing the left hand navigational side of the screen. However when using the device's default browser this does not happen and defers back to my user preference set skin.

Agonshar (ContributionsMessage) 09:19, May 24, 2014 (EDT)


  • I noticed you have been replacing the use of {{Long popup}} and {{Short popup}} with {{Popup}}, so I went ahead and used AWB to transition most other pages. There are some transclusions remaining if you wish to go through them manually. — Zav(T·E·C) 14:16, May 2, 2015 (EDT)
    • While I do appreciate the assistance, I find it rather rude that you would use a bot to finish someone else's project. If I wanted to bot it, I would have done so myself. I was going Template by Template for a reason. In the future, don't bot my projects. -- Ague (Talk · Contribs · B · D · I · P · PM · PP · UM · UR) 14:52, May 2, 2015 (EDT)
      • My apologies. I was trying to be helpful, not rude. I thought it was all just direct substitution, but I did find one where you changed long to short. — Zav(T·E·C) 15:39, May 2, 2015 (EDT)

Active Editors, Rules, and State of the Wiki rant[edit]

So I completely remember now why I stopped doing content edits here on the ol' DDO Wiki... So, I won't be doing anymore content editing. I'll just stick to my core improvements to wiki functionality and GUI as i've been doing mostly for the past couple years... But on a more serious note...

/rant on

Has anyone ever wondered why there are only 0.004% of the registered users on this site active editors? And by active editors I mean those who have made edits in the past 30ish days or so. Well, here's my insight on it. Yes, there are rules on here for content editing. They are published mainly in the naming policy and little in the Wiki Help link on the left nav. Apparently, enforcing the rules is more a matter of just tweaking someone else's edits and them getting pissed off because of it, rather than contacting them and letting them know that their edits are are not in compliance with rule a, b, and/or c. I have heard from many players that wish they could edit on here more, but they find it overly complex with so many templates (many of which don't even get used at all!) But it just seems that nobody on here gives a crap about anyone else but their own edit counts and are not willing to help anyone else become proficient on proper editing guidelines and standard templates used on what pages. I've tried things over the years to make things more new editor friendly, but the general consensus seems that only a small handful of ridiculously active editors edit much of the wiki. Wiki's are supposed to be a community effort and last time i checked, the DDO community was a little bigger than the 32 active editors that we have here. But I'm frustrated at all this because, frankly, I think it's BS that nobody is willing to be more vocal about the lack of any real effort to bring more community editors in here. And when we do get new editors, they (typically) get driven away ridiculously fast. But that's my rant. I'll still be hanging out making core improvements and such, but as far as content goes, doubtful.

/rant off


You don't want to write content because there are too many templates that new editors find confusing. I don't get it. --Cru121 (ContributionsMessage) 02:43, May 5, 2015 (EDT)
the templates don't bother me... never have... that was more of a general observation as well as feedback that I've heard from others who have attempted editing here... a good majority of all templates on here are in a minified state and frankly it makes it irritating to make changes to them unless you're the original author...

the frustrating part for me is lack of people editing because they have no clear guide on how to much more than basic wiki markup... I performed a search yesterday on templates and there are literally hundreds upon hundreds... many go unused and that is intimidating for new editors... we need to start putting emphasis on wiki education if we're going to get more active editors...

when people don't use the right template, their edits get reverted of comletely changed with little to no explanation as to why... wiki editing is a learning curve and if administration s and senior editors aren't willing to help educate new editors or less experienced editors they won't come back and contribute...

But like I said, I'm just frustrated with the state of the wiki... hence the rant... -- Ague (Talk · Contribs · B · D · I · P · PM · PP · UM · UR) 03:10, May 5, 2015 (EDT)


Thanks for fixing the item templates and the display issue. I hated it. That is all.--Cru121 (ContribsMessage) 00:21, May 8, 2016 (EDT)

You're very welcome.  :) It's just a band-aid. I would like to rework all the item templates to have a not-so-bland appearance, but that's a project for another weekend. Jump on the wiki's Discord sometime (shameless plug!). Ague (Talk · Contribs · B • D • I · P • PM • PP · UM • UR) 00:29, May 8, 2016 (EDT)
Is it intentional that pics shown are now displayed in a 200 pixel width thumbnail? Or is it just me? --Cru121 (ContribsMessage) 07:36, May 9, 2016 (EDT)
  • Yeah. There are some images (see Divine Vengeance) are are super tall and if I made a fixed height (say 400px), then they would be super narrow when rendered. So as a fix I opted for 50%-ish of the size of the infobox image so as to not create long pages for no apparent reason (larger images also use more mobile bandwidth, even with g-zip compression turned on). The best thing to do would to bring up the topic of image sizing and take a look at the standards and adjust them accordingly. Ague (Talk · Contribs · B • D • I · P • PM • PP · UM • UR) 17:40, May 9, 2016 (EDT)