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DDO wiki:Administration guideline

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DDO wiki Administration Guideline

User Rights and Privileges (Table)

Group Number of members Notes
Users (14,298 Users) All registered users.
Autoconfirmed users -~-Not Available-~- Edit semi-protected pages (autoconfirmed), Get in this group by confirming your email address.
DDO wiki VIPs (236 Users) For (skipcaptcha) and the ability to have all of their edits marked as patrolled (autopatrol).
Super users (95 Users) Allows users to (patrol) others edits, (rollback) obtrusive edits, and (duplicate) pages.
System operators (16 Users) Pretty much the top of the user group food chain. Only user group with more power is steward.
Bureaucrats (7 Users) Capable of checking a user's IP addresses, (un)deleting specific revisions of page, and rename users.
Stewards (4 Users) Sets user groups for everyone requesting promotion or requiring demotion.
Host (1 User) The absolute top of the food chain.
Patrollers (1 User) This user group was removed, but there is still a remnant user.
Widget Editors (2 Users) This user group was rolled into System operators, but there are still remnant users.
Check Users (1 User) This user group was removed, but there is still a remnant user.
Developers (6 Users) This user group was removed on March 17, 2012, but there are still remnant users.

There are a select few members that have been here since the start of DDO wiki and therefor have "Founder" status so to speak, these individuals are deserving of special consideration. To have been considered qualified as a founder, a user must have created and account and made useful contributions (not necessarily edits) in the 25% of DDO wiki's existence.

How to Promote a Person in User Groups

Administrators use Special:UserRights once the person has met the criteria.

DDO wiki VIP Promotion

This user group allows (skipcaptcha) and (auto-patrolled), and kind of substitutes auto-confirmed user and super user altogether. Administrators should promote users to this group as they become tired of patrolling useful edits from the same user, or by the time the user reaches 3-digit useful contributions, use the User edit award template and proved their willingness to contribute. Use Special:CountEdits to check total count.

System Operator Promotion

As a DDO wiki VIP user starts doing advanced editing such as page move/merge, major cleanup, template tweakage, launching a project etc, existing administrators should consider promoting and letting him "join the club". It can be by request from the user also. It's all case by case basis and common sense thing after all. Two or more administrators' agreement is preferable. Majority vote if any objection. The basic criteria for promotion is as follows (taken from DDO_wiki:Administrators):

  • Users are required to have made at least 1,000+ edits.
  • Users are required to have been editing for an amount of time of no less than six consecutive months.
  • Users that meet the above two requirements may be nominated or nominate themselves.

Bureaucrat Promotion

This user group is for the experienced Administrator on the DDO wiki. One of the highest ranks with near every privilege that the wiki has to offer. Only the most dedicated administrators who demonstrate excellent edits and policy enforcement will be considered. Two-thirds of the voting administrators must be in agreement (minimum of two votes are required).

Steward Promotion

The highest user group with unlimited editing privileges. Promotion to this group is decided on a case by case basis and only the most absolute dedicated administrators are considered. You must already be a system operator and a bureaucrat and belong to the 10K edit user category. Approval from Xevo, Shoemaker, and/or Yoko is required to enter into this group.

Administrator Duties

Administrators (system operators and above) are encouraged (but not required) to do the following;

  • Edit patrols on a regular-basis (use Special:Patrol)
  • Ban spambots and revert their edits.
  • Protect/un-protect pages when appropriate.
  • Answering newbie questions on Forum:Reference desk as soon as possible (Remember, not everyone bothers to register on forums!)
  • Finding and deleting unnecessary pages (Special:UncategorizedPages helps)
    • Note unnecessary pages are mostly just certain misspellings (Common ones may be useful to improve searches), spam and non-game related content. Not short/unfinished pages you deem unimportant. Short pages should be tagged with help improve, or redirected to a more complete related page. Also use the "What links here" tool to verify a page is not in use, and clear the links to it before you delete it if you are sure it's unnecessary.
  • Fixing Double-redirects time to time (Special:DoubleRedirects)

Fansite Board Announcements ( forums)

To start a thread on that board, Turbine moderators' permission is needed. Currently, Borror0 and Yk49 (yoko5000) have the rights to start such a thread.

List of Current Administrators

Note that, not all administrators are listed on Home Administration section (Template:Home/Administration). One may go inactive, and one who doesn't want attention may choose not to be listed there. Administrators status is not intended to represent extra weight within community. Like all other users, administrators are expected to respect policy and consensus, and act accordingly.

System Operators (full list)

Bureaucrats (full list)

Stewards (full list)

  • Xevo (Contribs • Message) - Co-creator of the DDO wiki and current website host. Never played the game.
  • Borror0 (Contribs • Message) - Semi-active. Now (mostly) retired from the game. Still supervising the wiki. Had strong presence on the boards, and the DDO community still recognize him as the "wiki guy".
  • Yoko5000 (Contribs • Message) - Active. Top contributor.
  • Shoemaker (Contribs • Message) - Active. #2 contributor and template•user interface guy.


  • Xevo (Contribs • Message) - Co-creator of the DDO wiki and current website host. Never played the game.