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DDO wiki:Bureaucrats

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Bureaucrat (list of 7 Bureaucrats)[edit]

Promotion to this group[edit]

  • Must already be a Administrator
  • As this is one of the highest ranks with nearly the highest privileges you can obtain on the wiki, promotion to the group will be decided on a case by case basis. Only the most dedicated administrators who demonstrate excellent edits and enforcement of our policies will be considered.
    • Agreement of two thirds of the voting system operators, with a minimum of 2 will be required for promotion.

Demotion from this group[edit]

  • Any user that has failed to contribute for a period of one year should be removed from this group.
  • Any user that disrupts the flow of this wiki, may be requested to be removed from this group pending Administrative review on this pages Talk Page.
    • Due to the elevated risk that an upset bureaucrat may pose:
      • Users placed under review will be temporarily demoted to Super User until the outcome of the review has been determined.
      • Users placed under review may not take any retaliative steps against the person that placed them under review.

Members of this group may...[edit]

  • As part of (ALL)
    • Create discussion pages (createtalk)
    • Create new user accounts (createaccount)
    • Create pages (which are not discussion pages) (createpage)
    • Edit pages (edit)
    • Read pages (read)
  • As part of Users
    • Mark edits as minor (minoredit)
    • Move pages (move)
    • Override files on the shared media repository locally (reupload-shared)
    • Overwrite existing files (reupload)
    • Upload files (upload)
    • View deleted history entries, without their associated text (deletedhistory)
  • As part of Autoconfirmed Users
    • Edit semi-protected pages (autoconfirmed)
  • As part of Bureaucrat
    • Check user's IP addresses and other information (checkuser)
    • Delete and undelete specific revisions of pages (deleterevision)
    • Rename users (renameuser)
    • Add and Remove users from groups: System operators, Bureaucrats and DDO wiki VIPs

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