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Path of Inevitable Dominion

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Icon Feat Path of Inevitable Dominion.png
Path of Inevitable Dominion


This philosophy is available at Monk level 3 by selecting the Fists of Darkness feat, which serves as the key to using any finishing moves of this path or qualifying for any special abilities connected to this path.

The Path of Inevitable Dominion philosophy gives five new Finishing Moves at level 3: Touch of Despair, Pain Touch, Falling Star Strike, Freezing the Lifeblood, and Karmic Strike. On Monk level 10 and selection of the tier five Henshin Mystic enhancement Void Strike, a sixth finishing move, Curse of the Void, becomes available.

The Path of Inevitable Dominion is a prerequisite for the Ninjutsu and Touch of Death enhancements on the Ninja Spy tree.

You may only choose one philosophy. While players may see the moves from the Path of Harmonious Balance in their Feats list, the player cannot activate actions in this path without using a feat exchange to switch to the Fists of Light.


Monks choosing this philosophy may receive special boosts to Touch of Despair that debuff, heavily damage and accelerate destruction of enemies by themselves and party members.

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